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Carol Kirkwood: BBC weather star makes candid admission 'It's not good for my image'

BBC Breakfast weather forecaster Carol Kirkwood, 58, is a fan of the simple things in life and when it comes to indulgence, there’s nothing expensive about her cravings. In a recent interview, the fan-favourite detailed what she can’t help herself buying that “isn’t good” for her image.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Carol giggled: “It’s not good for my image, but I like cheap milk chocolate!

“I’m not into the deep dark stuff.”

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She added: “I know I should be healthier, but I can’t help myself!”

No one’s going to begrudge a treat every now and again, and that’s something Carol knows all about after she bought her most expensive purchase to date, aside from her house.

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Away from her personal life, Carol scolded her BBC colleague for accusing her of using “fake” images in her broadcasts.

Dan Walker found himself in hot water with the 58-year-old after he claimed she had “drawn on” a rainbow in one of the photographs that was on display behind her while she was giving the week’s forecast.

“Carol, have you drawn that one [photograph] on, it looks like a fake one!” Dan cheekily said in reference to an image submitted by a viewer.

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