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Caroline Flack urged friend to 'speak on her behalf' during cemetery visit on final day

Caroline Flack’s close friend Simon Carroll paid tribute to the late Love Island host in a heartfelt Instagram post yesterday. He previously reminisced about spending Valentine’s Day with the star on Friday, a day before her death, in a separate post.

Simon said the pair walked around Stoke Newington Cemetery together the day before her death.

He began his most recent post by writing: “Guilt. Guilt does the most extraordinary things to people. Carrie’s tribe are spreading joy and love, because we are her people.

“Of course we all want the right people to take accountability, but we will do that with kindness and time.”

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He added: “Please pay no mind to those who are spreading hate, setting up tributes or pointing fingers and naming names at this very, very painful time.”

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“But you laughed baby… you laughed. In the end there were just too many hours in a day for you, I don’t know how we move forward, but we will and we will all make you proud. You never slept well, so to know you are at peace gives us comfort, but what I would do for a hug right now…”

Simon concluded his words by instructing his followers to be kind, writing: “Pick up the phone, tell people you love them, if someone you love is acting out, step in, not out… relationships are complicated, love is tricky, kindness is key.”

Caroline’s pal also said he had her name tattooed on his chest alongside a photo of him getting inked yesterday.

He wrote alongside the image: “Your name will forever be upon my heart my Sweet Caroline. Sleep well baby…”

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