Cars for sale will soon be purchased through online shopping websites in end for dealers

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Motorists will buy vehicles directly from car makers online as subscription models could pave their way through the industry in just ten years. The claims came from Phil Kerry, Sales and Marketing executive at Mini cars who suggests new forms of ownership will emerge with an increasing focus on online sales.

He says: “Digital will become more important as people will increasingly buy directly from the carmaker online.

“The same is true of finance – people will take this out online rather than at the retailer.”

Mini research has shown 70 percent of motorists said they would be open to purchasing a vehicle online rather than at a retailer.

The data revealed ten percent would use subscriptions to purchase a car rather than through a traditional sale and Kerr claims this method could take 10 percent of the market within a decade.

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New car tax changes may lead to 'privacy issues' with tracking devices fitted in cars

Online cars could be delivered to customers with ease (Image: Getty)

New car tax changes may lead to 'privacy issues' with tracking devices fitted in cars

Vehicles could soon be ordered with a touch of a button (Image: Getty)

However, Mini has revealed around 80 percent of customers still wish to ‘own’ a vehicle and many still want to test-drive the cars before making a purchase.

He added: “Increasingly, retailers will guide the customer through their car-buying journey, with the customer then going to buy direct from the car-maker and customising it to their tastes and needs.”

Car buying habits are already changing as motorists look to super-efficient online ordering services.

Sixty years ago motorists could only buy a car outright but now options such as financing and leasing are available.

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The rise in populate of subscription and finance deals means more than half of motorists now consider the price of a car as a monthly cost rather than a full retail price.

Data shows one-in-seven road users would buy a vehicle through a finance package rather than pay upfront costs.

Recent AutoTrader data shows nearly half would consider purchasing a vehicle online without seeing it in person despite many car experts warning against this.

Ian Plummer, Commercial Director at AutoTrader said: “Our latest research shows that people are more open to buying a car online if using a finance agreement because it’s considered less risky.”

He later added: “Car financing options have boosted car buying in the last few years and they will continue to give consumers more transparency and flexibility when buying their next car for years to come.”

AutoTrader’s recent The Future of Car Retailing report highlighted 42 percent of potential buyers do not end up getting a car at a traditional forecourt because of the nightmare process.

Another 33 percent also revealed they would trade in their cars earlier if the experience was smoother.

Nearly two-thirds of motorists aged between the age of 18 and 24 said that would be happy to complete the purchase online in a suggestion younger generations will pioneer the technology.

Sales of online cars are expected to pass on million globally next year in a massive win for the new market.

AutoTrader’s Nathan Coe claims more personalised retail experience will create interaction between online and offline experiences across the market.

He adds some retailers have already embraced digital technology and have benefited highly from the giant step.

He claims those who have digitised their business have seen the time it takes to sell a vehicle reduced in half from 80 days to less than 40.

Nathan Coe says: “Dealerships certainly won’t disappear, but they will continue to evolve.”

He added: “Technology can improve the car buying process enormously, making it simpler, more intuitive and more transparent, transforming the experience for consumers.”

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