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Castlevania season 4: Will there be another series?

Will there be another series of Castlevania?

Netflix has yet to confirm whether there will be another series of the hit animated show.

The 10-episode third season of the series was given the green light by Netflix and it was released on March 5.

There is no news of a fourth series at the moment but as the second season was given the go-ahead the same day as the series one release, there is clearly a taste for it.

Executive producer Adi Shankar is also developing another animated series called Devil May Cry which is intended to coexist with Castlevania.

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Fans are yet to find out how the two shows will fit together and hopefully there will be some clues in season three.

As for season four, we will just have to wait and see if there is more to come.

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Who will be in the cast of Castlevania series 4?

The main stars of the series are Richard Armitage who voices Trevor Belmont, who fans will recognise as starring in The Hobbit and the new Netflix series The Stranger is expected to return if the show gets the green light.

Other stars likely to be back include James Callis is Adrian Tepes, Graham McTavish as Vlad Dracula Tepes and Emily Swallow as Lisa Tepes.

There are some new voices in season three which could be coming back for a new series including Bill Nighy as Saint Germain.

Graham McTavish is the voice of Dracula in the series, but as he is now dead fans will not be hearing from him again.

What will Castlevania series 4 be about?

If a fourth series is commissioned it could be expected in the second half of next year and the storyline should be made clear as series three continues.

We cannot foresee what the fourth series will be about but if it follows the gothic horror video game we are set for more demon hunting.

As the game is set in the eponymous castle of Count Dracula fans are likely to see similar sets in the new series.

Fans will have to watch series three to get an idea of what could happen next if season four is commissioned.

Ahead of season three, fans who need a recap of what happened in the last series may remember Dracula was defeated at the end.

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In a fierce battle between the main heroes and the iconic vampire, he initially wins but when Dracula hesitates in front of his own son it gives his son enough time to stake him through the heart.

The last scenes saw Trevor and Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso Agueda) go off travelling together after the big battle, ready for their next batch of adventures in season three.

All 10 episodes of season three have dropped on Netflix so fans are free to binge watch the series.

Castlevania season 3 is available to watch on Netflix now


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