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Casualty spoilers: Faith Cadogan and Dylan in shock affair amid dark Luka twist

Casualty’s advanced clinical practitioner Faith Cadogan (played by Kirsty Mitchell) has been through the works recently after finding out her son Luka has a cancerous brain tumour and dealing with the deterioration of her marriage to paramedic Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil). As she receives more bad news from Luka’s cancer specialist, instead of turning to her husband for comfort she chooses to open up to her loyal pal Dylan Keogh (William Beck), which could lead to much more than a friendly heart-to-heart.

In this weekend’s episode, Faith and Lev’s marriage becomes even more strained as his disinterest and preoccupied behaviour forces her to look elsewhere for comfort.

While waiting for an update from Luka’s latest scan, Faith is devastated when Lev leaves the appointment early and she’s left waiting by herself.

And things are only made worse when she’s issued with terrible news from the doctor.

Not knowing where to turn, she makes a choice which could result in serious consequences for her marriage.

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While Faith is feeling rejected by her husband, Lev has his own demons to contend with which are causing him great distress.

Viewers discovered in a series flash backs that he had a very unhappy childhood in Russia, and that he might possibly be exploring his sexuality.

It’s led Faith to feel suspicious that he is cheating on her, but time will tell if this is the case.

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However, as he’s figuring stuff out for himself, without realising he’s neglecting his wife and could potentially be pushing her into the arms of another.

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