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Our Yorkshire Farm's Ravenseat estate has connections to royalty

Our Yorkshire Farm has made stars of the Owen family, and put their glorious home at Ravenseat Farm at the centre of attention.

It’s been reported that the vast estate is owned by billionaire Robert Miller, 87 – the 68th wealthiest person in the UK.

The upper Swaledale farm has a flock of over 1,000 sheep and numerous other animals, as well as Amanda Owen, husband Clive and their nine children.

But the estate also links to several other well-known families. According to the Express, the farm’s billionaire owner boasts several royal connections after his daughters married princes in the 1990s

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Robert Miller and daughter Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece
Robert Miller and daughter Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece

Robert, who is the co-founder of DFS (Duty Free Shops), is a father of three. His daughters are Princess Alexandra von Furstenberg, 48, Pia Getty, 55, and the Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, 52, who are known as The Miller sisters.

They were the ‘It Girls’ of the 1990s and appeared on the pages of glossy magazines and tabloids before becoming princesses.

Marie-Chantal married Pavlos, Crown Prince of Greece, at age 27 after he proposed to her during a skiing holiday in Gstaad, Switzerland.

He is the heir to the now-defunct throne of Greece, where the monarchy was abolished in 1973.

The billionaire’s second daughter Alexandra followed in her sister’s footsteps, marrying into royalty.

In 1995 she wed Prince Alexander von Furstenberg, son of celebrated fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg.

Our Yorkshire Farm focuses on the life of Amanda Owen, husband Clive and their nine children
Our Yorkshire Farm focuses on the life of Amanda Owen, husband Clive and their nine children

However the marriage wasn’t to be, as the couple split seven years later, after having two children.

Yet Pia was hardly outdone by her sisters, marrying the grandson of American oil magnate Jean Paul Getty, Christopher Getty.

Miller co-founded the Hong Kong based Duty Free Shoppers chain in 1960 and luxury goods group LVMH took a stake in the business in 1998.

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In 2018 The Sunday Times Rich List claimed that the billionaire is the richest person in Yorkshire.

At the time, he had a fortune valued at £2 billion, which had risen by £420 million in the past year, including his 36,000 acre Gunnerside shooting estate in Swaledale, North Yorkshire.

That estate is just 10 miles from the Owens’ Ravenseat Farm.

However, the Owen family are investing in their own property, having just bought their own farmhouse.

Huddersfield-born Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen is famous nationwide
Huddersfield-born Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen is famous nationwide

Yet it is a giant project, with the new farmhouse and land having been derelict for years.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess admitted it wasn’t a project for the fainthearted.

On the show’s last episode (May 11) Amanda said: “Steven is the first step but it’s a project not for the fainthearted.

“It’s the biggest project we could ever imagine but we won’t be defeated, we’ll do it somehow”.

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Clive added: “It’s in a sad state, it’s hard to imagine that in the not too distant future we’ll be lighting a fire. But Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

The historic farm buildings in the Yorkshire Dales are part of a conservation and any work has to gain approval and can take a long time to fully restore.

With so few people able to help, it could be a long time before the Owen family can fully settle in to their new home.

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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host opens up on family tears as his twins mark new milestone

Virgin Radio Breakfast Show host Chris Evans, 55, has revealed that there will be tears in his house this week as he candidly addressed a family milestone while chatting to his co-stars. The media personality has two-year-old twins Walt and Boo with wife Natasha Shishmanian, and he announced live on-air that the duo would be taking a big step by starting nursery today.
Talking about the passing of time on his breakfast show, the star went on to say that memories are either “a minute ago, or 100 years ago”.

After celebrating a listener’s birthday on air, the star added that his son Noah is also the same age.

“He’s 12, he’s catching up”, he added, before dropping a huge milestone for his family.

“The twins go to nursery for the first time tomorrow”, he revealed.

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Chris’ co-host Rachel Horne sharply inhaled before simply commenting, “tears”.

“Rivers, rivers, flood warnings, amber warning in our house all week this week,” he added.

Rachel asked: “Has Tash got an exit strategy for when she drops them off?” referring to Chris’ wife Natasha.

“She needs to have something that she’s going to do”, she added.

At the end of last year, the DJ told his Virgin Radio co-stars that it’s highly unlikely that he and his wife will have any more children after noticing how she’s “developing and evolving” as a person.

He told his colleagues: “I think that Tash is very secretly gearing up to become a yoga teacher.”

“I think now, this is the biggest heads-up that we’re not going to have any more children because obviously she’s not going to tell me either way!”

The radio DJ confessed everything his wife would need to have another child is “done”, while revealing she can access “something, somewhere” that requires his signature every 12-months should she change her mind.

“I’m like, ‘Why am I signing this?’ and she says, ‘It doesn’t matter just sign it, don’t worry about it’,” he giggled.

With four children all under the age of 15, Chris believed their twins were the last two they would welcome into the family.

The star’s ex-wives include actress Billie Piper and Loose Women panellist Carol McGiffin.

Chris and his professional golfer wife married in 2007 and held their wedding reception in Portugal, which was attended by Chris’ ex Billie.

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Our Yorkshire Farm mum Amanda Owen's modelling career before TV fame

Fans of Our Yorkshire Farm’s know Amanda Owen best for her farmer life, but she used to lead a far more glamorous lifestyle.

The Channel 5 star swapped strutting down catwalks and posing in studios for standing outside in the rain and shovelling animal poo.

But Amanda would not have it any other way as she loves running the Ravenseat Farm in Upper Swaledale.

The shepherdess appears on the show with her husband Clive Owen and their nine kids.

Before she started looking after 1,000 sheep, 40 cows, six dogs and four ponies, Amanda tried to break into the world of modelling.

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Amanda Owen Huddersfield-born Yorkshire Shepherdess
Amanda Owen Huddersfield-born Yorkshire Shepherdess

Having grown up in Huddersfield, 6ft 2ins tall Amanda had aspirations of following in her mother’s footsteps and becoming a model, but the reality of the profession didn’t quite live up to the dream.

“When you think you’re going to be a model in like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, but actually then you end up doing knitting catalogues and things like,” she explained on the Channel 5 show.

Admitting it was not quite what she realised, Amanda added: “It was cardigans, floral, Prince Diana 1980. No thank you.”

Amanda had no family background in farming but was inspired to get outdoors when she found a hill shepherd book in the library full of photos of beautiful landscapes and animals.

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She explained: “It was the pictures, it was the landscape, it was the people — everything in that book just appealed to me.

“It wasn’t glossing over the hard side, it was very real and very gritty and atmospheric but it was just the thought of working outdoors and actually doing something, having a physical job where you were out there feeling the elements — windburn, sunburn, rained on, all the rest of it — sounded like a good idea back then.”

Amanda quickly realised that being at one with nature was her calling so she turned her back on modelling.

It was during her early days as a 21-year-old trainee shepherdess where Amanda met future husband Clive, who was 42 at the time.

Amanda Owen, Our Yorkshire's Farm
Amanda Owen, Our Yorkshire’s Farm

Back in 1995, Clive was running the farm singe-handedly when Amanda knocked on the door on one dark evening looking for a ram.

Amanda explained that she came to a burrow a “tup”, which is a male sheep for those not used to the farming lingo, when she first set eyes on divorced father-of-two Clive.

It may not have been love at first sight for Amanda, but bachelor Clive was immediately attracted to the young woman standing in his doorway.

“I do remember this six-foot something woman knocked on the door. I was very taken with her. You couldn’t not be,” he said.

They had similar backgrounds as Clive also came from a non-farming family but decided he wanted to pursue that way of life.

Despite the 21-year age gap, Amanda and Clive became friends before they started developing feelings for each other.

Our Yorkshire's Farm
Our Yorkshire’s Farm

“It was a slow burn thing we kind of got to know each other. Made friends first then went out a little bit together,” said Amanda.

“With us both coming from non-farming backgrounds we were kind of peas in a pod really but we didn’t know that at the time.”

The couple went on to have nine children, Annas, Violet, Edith, Raven, Clemmy, Nancy, Reuben, Miles, and Sidney, who all help out on the farm when they can.

It’s not always been a glamorous life, as Amanda gave birth on the roadside six times and once by the fire in the living room with only their dog for company.

Amanda has been breastfeeding virtually non-stop for 15 years of her life and with their ninth child didn’t even realise she was pregnant until she was six months gone.

Since becoming a reality TV star, Amanda has been forced to hit back at assumptions made about her family and claims she is not a stereotypical shepherdess.

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Last month, Amanda spoke out against the the suggestion she ‘doesn’t look like’ a farmer who is the mother of nine children on Steph’s Packed Lunch.

“Throughout it all you stay so glamorous. Which, always, I’m amazed about,” said host Steph McGovern.

Claiming this was certainly not the case, Amanda responded: “Look at my hands though Steph. Honestly, I’ve got iodine up my arm.

“I painted my nails while I was waiting to do this, but I really don’t know why I’ve bothered.”

Amanda admitted she doesn’t spend too much time thinking about the assumptions made about her looks and doesn’t like stereotypes.

“I mean yes I’ve got a sheepdog, yes I’ve got a crook. Yes I spend my time running around after sheep, but I can do other things too,” she said.

Amanda added: “I think that’s the name of the game, to be able to turn your hand to whatever comes your way.”

Our Yorkshire Farm airs Tuesdays on Channel 5 at 9pm.

Author: [email protected] (Kylie O’Sullivan, Lucy Marshall)
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Dan Walker shuts down BBC Breakfast viewer after coverage complaint 'Never mentioned'

Dan, who also is a keen golf-enthusiast, swiftly shut down the social media user, as he confirmed that Bland’s major golf achievement had been mentioned on more than one occasion on Breakfast.

In view of his 710,000 followers, Dan replied: “Hi… only just seen this.

“@blandy73’s amazing win was on Saturday and the show was on Monday. His win did feature on the Sunday show.

“Despite that, I also spoke at length about his win on Monday and what made it so special. It was wonderful. Have a good one.”

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Keeley Donovan shares snap of 'first family holiday' with daughter

BBC presenter Keeley Donovan has shared an adorable picture of her baby daughter’s first holiday.

Keeley and her husband Johnny I’Anson welcomed Scout into the world on July 10, 2020, at Leeds General Infirmary.

She was born weighting 7lbs 4oz and is the first child of the TV personalities.

And now, Keeley has shared an adorable picture on Instagram of the family enjoying their first trip away together.

Keeley posted: “Smiles by the sea… our first family holiday and yesterday the sun shone all day.”

And her followers could not wait to comment on the snap.

One wrote: “Looks lovely – where about is it please?”

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Another said: “I bet Paul ordered the weather for you.”

A third said: “Beautiful Staithes. Enjoy. We’ve spent many a happy holiday there.”

While a fourth added: “Have a wonderful stay cation.”

Last year, Keeley announced her pregnancy in an Instagram post.

Keeley shared this adorable snap on Instagram

Posing with BBC presenters Paul Hudson and Harry Gration with dummies in their mouths, she joked Paul and Harry are already lined up for babysitting duties.

She wrote on Instagram: “Our secret is out… and at least we have two baby sitters ready and waiting! #pregnant #mumtobe #dummies #excited”

BBC’s Look North presenter Peter Levy shared his well-wishes on Twitter: “Great news to start 2020. My good friend Keeley Donovan is expecting a baby this year. Congratulations Keeley and Johnny.”

Keeley married BBC radio host Johnny I’Anson in 2018 in a festival-themed wedding at Castle Farm, near Knaresborough.

The pair were married by Harry Gration and the celebrations were attended by colleagues, including presenter Peter Levy, weather forecaster Paul Hudson and Lisa Gallagher

Wedding celebrations took place over two days which Keeley and Johnny dubbed Wedfest 2018.

The ceremony took place on the first day with a music festival on the second day, with several bands performing.

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George Clooney denied bold claim about Meghan Markle's wedding: 'I didn't!'

Prince Harry and Meghan are celebrating their three-year wedding anniversary today. In 2018, the pair tied the knot in Windsor, an event attended by George Clooney and his human rights lawyer wife, Amal. Not only were the Clooneys invited to the main event at St George’s Chapel, they were also asked to attend the exclusive evening reception at Frogmore House.
George disappointed fans when he denied reports he had danced with “everybody”, insisting he didn’t dance at all.

Attending a ceremony where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Film Institute at the Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre, he said: “There were lots of stories, I heard I danced with… everybody.”

Amal added: “Yeah… the bride…”

George quickly clarified; “Yeah, I didn’t dance, I didn’t.

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“There wasn’t beer pong. I heard there was beer pong, no beer pong.”

Tennis star Serena Williams, who also attended the wedding, had already denied that there had been a beer pong contest, despite reports she had won.

Talking to an AP reporter at the French Open in 2018, she said the claim was “not even remotely true”, adding that she doesn’t “even drink beer”.

She was not annoyed about the reports, however, admitting that she and her husband, Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, had a “big laugh” about it.

There were also reports that George Clooney coaxed guests to the bar and made people laugh by free-pouring shots of tequila at the reception.

The Hollywood star has created his own brand of the spirit called Casamigos, through which he has another royal connection; Princess Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank is its brand ambassador.

In the book ‘Finding Freedom’, co-authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand wrote: “George Clooney was also on hand to help.

“Coaxing people to the bar, he had partygoers laughing as he started free-pouring shots of Casamigos tequila, the liquor brand the movie star co-founded.

“‘I wanted to make sure everyone had the best time,’ Clooney said.”

While journalist Rachel Jonhson claimed the Clooneys did not know the Sussexes very well at the time of the wedding, they have since seen each other on a handful of occasions.

The Clooneys invited Meghan and Harry to their villa at Lake Como, and to their home in England twice.

Meghan also invited Amal Clooney to her baby shower in New York in 2019, when she revealed to the lawyer that she was having a boy.

Finding Freedom was written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand and published by HQ in August. It is available here.

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Channel 5 is looking for 'nightmare neighbours' in East Yorkshire

They can make lives an absolute misery and now people who have suffered nightmare neighbours are wanted to feature in a new television series.

Now Channel 5’s The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door is seeking people in East Yorkshire who have a harrowing or dramatic take to tell about those that have lived next door to them.

The programme is now in its eighth series and it needs some more people to tell tales on their neighbours.

From rows over fencing to full-blown fistfights, Nightmare Neighbours has seen it all and is the perfect show to air your grievances if all other avenues have failed.

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The show, which has been in production since 2014, has showcased some of the worst in neighbourly disputes in the country and there are always more out there.

Each hour-long episode usually features four neighbours from around the country, delving into the details surrounding the feud.

Avalon Factual, the production company behind the hit Channel 5 show, are always on the lookout for more people to tell their story.

So drop an email to [email protected] if you would like to be considered for the new series.

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Richard Madeley talks mum's dying wish in last conversation amid dementia and cancer fight

“And she nodded and said, ‘That’s right, yes, yes, yes, of course, yes. Oh good’, she said, ‘It’ll be fine now.’ 

“And she sort of slipped back to sleep and that was it, that was kind of the last conversation.”

He added: “Although she couldn’t remember her mother, she could remember her very simple Christian faith, which sadly I don’t share. And it was great that she still had that comfort when when she went.”

The Dementia Hero Awards’ virtual ceremony will take place tomorrow at 7pm during Dementia Action Week 2021.

Alongside Richard’s appearance as host, the awards will also be presented by Society Ambassadors Angela Rippon CBE, Carey Mulligan and Sir Tony Robinson and our supporters Judy Finnigan and Anne-Marie Duff.

To sign the petition to #CureTheCareSystem and support Dementia Action Week (17-23 May 2021) visit And for information, advice and support call Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Connect support line (0333 150 345) or visit our website.

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Shrek fan points out 'traumatising' bed scene that we all missed

A Shrek fan has pointed out an X-rated joke that went over their head as a child.

And many fans of the popular film, cannot watch it in the same way ever again, the Mirror reports.

The much-loved film, released 20 ago, follows Shrek the ogre as he rescues Princess Fiona from the highest room in the tallest tower of a dragon-guarded castle and (spoilers) the pair fall madly in love.

And although the fairytale had all the ingredients to make Shrek a blockbuster family favourite, it appears the creative team at DreamWorks also managed to sneak in a few jokes that are strictly for the older audience.

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A Shrek fan has pointed out an inappropriate joke made by Lord Farquaad

TikTok user @Kathy_Martinez05 has posted a series of videos highlighting ‘childhood films filled with adult jokes’ and one featuring a Lord Farquaad scene in Shrek has racked up more than 8.4 million views as people couldn’t believe it had bypassed them without notice.

It shows the film’s bad guy tucked up in bed with a cocktail as he says: “Mirror, mirror, show her to me. Show me the princess.”

The mirror begrudgingly shows an image of Princess Fiona gazing dreamily out of her castle window, at which point a small bump appears to rise under Lord Farquaad’s zebra-patterned bedding.

He then takes a quick glance under the sheets with a somewhat uncomfortable expression.

Video Loading

The clip was uploaded with the caption: ‘Did anyone else catch that?’

Thousands of viewers were left stunned by the ‘traumatising’ revelation, as one person responded to say: “Why? Why did they do that? Who agreed to animate that? Hello??”

A second said: “My last 1% of innocence I had just left my soul.”

A third wrote: “I will never forgiver you for this” and a fourth commented: “The fact that they actually put time to animate that.”

Another added: “I DIDN’T REALISE IT RAISES OH MY GOD NOOOO,” and someone else admitted: “When I was younger I thought he spilt his drink…”

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Lorraine Kelly horrified after receiving 'Royal Mail' scam message 'It’s been hideous'

As the text message in question was broadcast to the nation, Lorraine exclaimed: “That’s the one!” Before quoting the message saying: “Your package has,”

She went on to say: “It was exactly that one – it was under £3 and this is happening and of course, people are falling for it.

“Of course they are,” she added.

Following Lorraine’s revelation, Martin, 46, added: “Well those post delivery scam texts that people get are very dangerous because we get so many deliveries during the pandemic.

“Lots of people are falling for that.”


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