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Celebrity Masterchef fans horrified as Dom Littlewood makes explosive mistake

During Wednesday night’s Celebrity Masterchef, viewers were left completely aghast by contestant Dom Littlewood.

He and hockey player Samantha Quek were placed in an Indian restaurant, where Dom was in charge of cooking naan breads.

However the television presenter was having a difficult time with it and made a mistake that was literally explosive.

Dom couldn’t get the naan bread dough to stick to the walls of the tandoor oven, forcing the restaurant’s chef to come and help.

But the professional chef pointed out Dom had actually dropped the plastic timer into the oven too, with it slowly melting on the hot coals.

Dom tried to fish his plastic timer out of the oven but it burst into flames

As they pulled the timer out it burst into flames thanks to the high temperature and battery inside.

He said: “I’ve burnt my hand, I’ve burnt about six naan breads out of eight, and I’ve also cooked my timer. It doesn’t seem to be getting easier.”

Viewers took to Twitter in horror over the seriously unfortunate event.

One said: “Dom should not have been let anywhere near the tandoor oven.”

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Another wrote: “He didn’t even notice that he put the plastic timer in the tandoor.”

Dom's plastic timer burst into flames after the accident
Dom’s plastic timer burst into flames after the accident

A third tweeted: “Dom, come in your time’s up.”

While someone else joked: “Stop! Naana time.”

When it came to the final round, Dom made a rice dish and presented it inside a hollowed out pineapple.

Judge Gregg Wallace was impressed, saying: “As soon as you brought it up it put a smile on my face, then when I tasted it I smiled even more.”

Fellow judge John Torode agreed, saying the hollow pineapple “made him smile”.

His dish impressed enough to keep him out of the danger zone for the chop.

Sadly, the same couldn’t be said for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Baga Chipz, who was eliminated after preparing her own fish and chips.

She laughed: “Cooking ain’t for me. I’m more reality TV than TV where you have to do something.”

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Celebrity Masterchef airs Wednesdays at 9pm on BBC One

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