Charlie Edwards is hungry for title after finding the perfect nutrition

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Charlie Edwards feels the best is yet to come from his career now he has the perfect partner outside of the ring who helps him pack a punch inside of it.

The former WBC flyweight world champion returns to the ring tonight for the first time in over a year as he takes on Kyle Williams at York Hall.

Edwards, 27, will be hoping to avoid any bad cuts of black eyes as he is due to wed partner Kristin Winnergard next month.

But his love outside of the ring is helping him in his plans to become a two-weight world champion as his Swedish wife-to-be is also his nutritionist.

Edwards said: “My missus is a fully trained nutritionist so finally I’ve got myself an in-house nutritionist.

“I’m making weight better, I’m eating more food. I feel great. I’m fueling myself for sports performance and I’ve never done that before.

“I’ve been able to focus and better myself.”

Edwards and his partner are also expecting their first child soon and the slick Surrey fighter is happier than ever which he believes will make him a better fighter.

He said: “It has given me a new lease of life.

Charlie Edwards is hungry for title after finding the perfect nutrition
Charlie Edwards takes on Kyle Williams this weekend at York Hall

“I’ve done everything in boxing to make my mum proud and I’m at that stage now when I’ve got my own family coming, I’m engaged and getting married next month, we’ve got a little one on the way so it has added fuel to the fire.

“There’s no stress, there’s no being pulled from pillar to post.

“There’s no distractions, always in the past I’ve had trouble in my personal life so with relationships and now I’m in the best mental and emotionally physical state. I

“’ve just moved into my own house, everything in my private life is sorted and now I’m really excited for my career.

Charlie Edwards is aiming to become a two-weight world champion

“If I was achieving what I was achieving before with all that kind of madness going on then the future is definitely going to be bright.

“I was in very toxic relationships, the easy job was going to the gym but now I look forward to coming home.

“Kristin has lived the life of an athlete so she understands it.”

Edwards gave up the WBC flyweight title last year as he struggled to make the weight.

His return to the ring tonight is at bantamweight but he is plotting a tilt at a world title at super-flyweight next year.

Edwards added: “After this fight, I’ve got a job to do next month but I will probably drop down to super-flyweight to become a two-weight world champion.”

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