Charlie Stayt shuts down Sadiq Khan over compulsory face mask demand 'You're not a medic!'

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Charlie Stayt shuts down Sadiq Khan over compulsory face mask demand 'You're not a medic!' 1

Charlie Stayt was left scratching his head as Sadiq Khan explained why he thought non-medical facial masks should be compulsory in the capital but failed to clarify when he thought they should be worn. The London Mayor said there was evidence that they could help to stop the spread of the virus and should be worn by those who could not keep a safe distance from others. However, Stayt pointed out Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty had stated the evidence for wearing non-medical masks was “weak”.

Mr Khan began: “What I’m calling for, what I’m lobbying for, is not a substitute for the current advice which we must all follow. Stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives, and also to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly throughout the course of the day.

“What I am lobbying for is for the experts to change their advice ad the government to change their advice to add another layer of protection.

“The evidence we have from around the world in the USA and Canada, in Germany, in Austria, in China, in Mumbai, is wearing non-medical face masks, think bandanas, scarves, reusable masks, what it does is not make you much safer – you can still catch the virus.

“But what it does though is if you’re asymptomatic and you cough and sneeze, it means the chances of passing the virus onto somebody else are reduced.

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“In those circumstances where we can’t keep our social distance, we can’t keep two metres apart, think about when you’re using public transport when you really have to, or you’re in a shop and can’t keep two metres apart, wearing a non-medical face mask makes it less likely that you may inadvertently give somebody else Covid-19.

“So I want a consistent message across the country, we don’t want mixed messaging, so I’m lobbying the government’s experts and the government to change their advice and change the guidance so we can have this additional layer of protection.”

Charlie chipped in to point out: “With respect Mr Khan, you’re not a medic.

“Professor Chris Whitty was asked specifically about this yesterday and he said it’s an active issue so they are reviewing it, which is something but he said the evidence is weak.”

“By the way the original advice that we all must follow is still there, stay at home, protect the NHS, keep your social distance and wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.”

Mr Khan added he wanted to make it clear he was not lobbying for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to be used but non-medical facial coverings.

Stayt went on to ask for clarification on Mr Khan’s ideas asking if it was for public transport only or whenever someone leaves the house.

Mr Khan replied: “What I don’t want to do, is for people to mistakenly think because they are wearing a facial covering, it is now okay to interact with each other.

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