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Charlotte Hawkins addresses nickname after on-air mishap she's 'never going to live down'

Good Morning Britain star Charlotte Hawkins, 45, suffered a wardrobe mishap last month that she will never be able to live down. After her co-star Adil Ray revealed to the nation that she had accidentally worn odd shoes onto the set for the whole episode, it’s become something of a talking point between the pair.

The 45-year-old only realised her mistake once the credits rolled and Adil couldn’t help but out her mistake on Twitter.

He shared at the time: “When presenting I depend on my co-host.

“You want to be in safe, reassuring hands. Today at the end of the show @charlottehawkins realised she had odd shoes on.”

Charlotte replied: “Is it a reasonable defence that my mind was obviously on far more important matters this morning…?!”

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In her defence, the hot-pink pointed heels were very similar looking.

But now Adil has taken it to the next level and given her a nickname.

The popular presenter, who leaves viewers in fits of giggles regularly, replied to a fan who queried who would be presenting Monday morning’s show.

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“Odd shoe @CharlotteHawkns and me tomorrow,” he responded, debuting his new name for his co-host.

On Friday, Adil played a prank on poor Charlotte as she desperately tried to stop him from breaking social distancing rules in the studio, unaware he was joking around.

As the program showed viewers a photo of a couple in a Barcelona care home sharing a kiss through a plastic screen while wearing masks, Adil pretended to go in for a kiss himself.

“There’s nothing wrong in that!” he said after the cameras went back to them in the studio, as Charlotte replied: “No, they’re doing their bit, aren’t they.”

“It’s not even cheating if you were doing it with anybody, really,” he joked before picking up a big roll of toilet paper from the floor.

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