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Cheryl tells The Greatest Dancer co-star to 'go away' in surprising behind-the-scenes spat

Cheryl, 36, wasn’t afraid to show her competitive side when she spotted Todrick Hall, 34, spending time around her team behind-the-scenes at The Greatest Dancer. The Dance Captains got into a light-hearted argument during rehearsals when Cheryl accused Todrick of “loitering” near her dance troupe Brothers of Dance.

The Fight For This Love hitmaker was busy wishing one of the troupe’s members Ebby a happy birthday when she was interrupted by her co-star in the video, which she shared with her 3.6 million Instagram followers.

She quizzed him: “How old are you today Ebbs?”

“18,” he replied, before Cheryl wondered: “How does it make you feel?”

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“It’s great,” the dancer replied, as his mentor complimented him on his outfit, adding, “You look amazing, look at this man. Now you’re a proper man!”

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Taking the opportunity to check up on the other dancers, Cheryl moved her camera to face them and asked: “How’s everyone else feeling?”

However, Cheryl seemed less than impressed when Todrick entered the room.

“Go away Todrick,” she exclaimed, “Stop corrupting my team”. 

The former American Idol star was quick to defend himself, explaining: “I’m working with the wardrobe department Cheryl!” 

“Shouldn’t you be there instead of loitering around my team?”

The star continued to tell her fellow Dance Captain to leave, saying “Bye, bye,” while Todrick argued: “I’ve already done my job, where are you at?”

In another video, Cheryl admitted she was getting a bit “competitive”, as she laughed off her exchange with Todrick.

She joked: “And by the way, it’s not getting competitive around these streets at all!”

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