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Chilly reception for New York Times all-female endorsement in NH

New Hampshire voters were not impressed with the The New York Times’ anyone-but-a-man presidential endorsement of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, a new poll shows.

A clear majority — 65% — said the editorial had “no impact” on their “view toward electing a female president,” as likely primary voters were asked in the latest Franklin Pierce University, Boston Herald, NBC10 poll.

The survey did find that 24% of those polled said the Times piece was “more likely” to have some influence on voting for a woman for president.

The poll showed men and women mostly agreed on all counts that the Warren-Klobuchar editorial didn’t resonate much. Independents, especially, were not moved — with 76% responding the editorial had “no impact” on their opinion.

The Times editorial added that Joe Biden was too old, Bernie Sanders to iffy with a bad heart, Pete Buttigieg too young and Andrew Yang too inexperienced.


The Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses could play a big role in the Feb. 11 New Hampshire primary where 9% of Democratic voters are still undecided, the new poll shows.

A majority of those voters still on the fence report “leaning” or already in the Democratic camp. Those votes could go anywhere — but with Buttigieg at 10% now, he clearly could be a top-three finisher if the undecideds move his way.


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As for the U.S. Senate impeachment trial, the poll shows respondents break along party lines. Overall, 56% support the impeachment proceedings; 37% do not.

But Republicans see it differently, with 71% opposing impeachment and 20% supporting it.

As for Democrats polled, 85% are for it, 10% oppose.

Another 7% said they are “unsure.”


Granite State voters take their first-in-the-nation primary seriously.

The poll shows that 43% of those who picked up the phone follow the 2020 presidential race “very closely” and another 52% keep to a “moderate” pace with all the news.

The top political junkies are 55 years old and up and they follow politics “very closely” at a rate of 62%. All the other age groups are about the same.


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As for President Trump, 48% rate his performance in the Oval Office as “very favorable,” the poll shows.

Another 27% rate him “somewhat favorable” and 14% “somewhat unfavorable” and 9% “very unfavorable.”

Chilly reception for New York Times all-female endorsement in NH 1

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