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China fires back: Beijing vows to stand up to US in sensational rant 'won’t give an inch’

Relations between the two states have reached crisis levels causing China’s vice-foreign minister, Le Yucheng to warn the state will not give an inch to the US. Due to the controversial Hong Kong security law, the build-up of arms in the South China Sea and sanctions on Communist party members over the treatment of Uighur Muslims, relations have soured between the two states. He also insisted the months leading to the US election in November will be crucial in forming a new Sino-US relationship.



Le said on Wednesday: “On issues concerning China’s core interests and national dignity, there is simply no room for us to back down.

“If we give up an inch, they will ask us to back off a mile and through salami tactics they will never stop undermining China’s sovereignty and dignity.

“Some Americans had blamed China for being a free rider.

“But when China poured in more money to provide public goods, then they blamed us for having strategic intentions and trying to be a hegemony.”

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China news: Beijing fires back at US (Image: PA)

China news: Donald Trump has taken a firm line against Beijing (Image: PA)

Le also remained adamant China would not be threatened by sanctions from the US.

He also claimed China was not seeking a dominant role in global affairs, despite accusations from the West.

Chinese officials had also warned the US over Health Secretary, Alex Azar’s trip to Taiwan this week.

Although Mr Azar claimed the visit was to strengthen ties amid the coronavirus pandemic, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman warned Beijing firmly opposes any interaction between the two.

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China: Mr Azar met with the foreign minister Joseph Wu (Image: PA)

The spokesman had stated the first high-level visit of a US official since 1979, may threaten peace and stability in the region.

However, amid the build-up of the Chinese military in the South and East China Seas, Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu warned of the persistent threat of Beijing.

Such is the concern for the state, he said the island may soon become the next Hong Kong.

He added: “Our daily lives have become increasingly difficult as China continues to pressure Taiwan into accepting its political conditions, conditions that will turn Taiwan into the next Hong Kong.”

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China news: Donald Trump has threatened sanctions against the state (Image: PA)

China news: Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen (Image: PA)

Amid the concerns from the island and the worsening tensions between the US and China, Le did admit Beijing still insisted talks were still a possibility.

He said: “We must stay focused without being swayed by any extreme forces, keep to the right direction of the bilateral relationship, and prevent it from spiralling out of control or getting derailed.

“First, keep the lines of communication open.

“Dialogue should not be put on hold. In particular, there should be no ‘radio silence’ between the two foreign ministries.

South China Sea mapped (Image: Express)

“That means no matter how difficult and complex the issues may be, they should be put on the table.

“I myself stand ready for talks with my US counterpart at any time.”

Despite his calls for open dialogue between the two, Taiwan stated Chinese jets had been sent over the border towards the island.

China news: The US has sent more ships to the South China Sea (Image: GETTY)

Beijing has committed to reclaiming the island under Xi Jinping’s One China policy.

Under this, the Chinese Communist Party wants to reclaim any lands or territories under its historic rights.

However, the US has agreed to supply Taiwan with arms to defend itself against Chinese aggression.

Source Daily Express :: World Feed

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