China's fearsome plot to 'leverage' COVID-19 vaccine to further world domination

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China Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming said on Monday that China will make a coronavirus vaccine a “public good” claiming Beijing will make it accessible to developing countries around the world. He said: “Once the vaccine is available China want to make it a public good, make it especially accessible, available, to developing countries.



“China is now among the most advanced countries in terms of vaccine research and now we are in the phase two.

“We already have high clinical trials but we want to share with the rest of the world.

“In fact, China is also working with the UK and with other countries, including the United States.”

But Tory MP Tobias Ellwood warned the Chinese Communist Party could use the vaccine as a “leverage”.

He tweeted: “I predicted this. China will leverage vaccine rollout to further its global political influence.”

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China's fearsome plot to 'leverage' COVID-19 vaccine to further world domination

China said it will make a coronavirus vaccine ‘a public good’ (Image: GETTY)

China's fearsome plot to 'leverage' COVID-19 vaccine to further world domination

China news: Tobias Ellwood warns China will use vaccine as ‘leverage’ (Image: ITV)

It comes amid rising tensions between China and the US over the handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

China said on Monday the United States was “addicted to quitting” following a US decision to leave the World Health Organisation (WHO) and said the withdrawal reveals a pursuit of power politics and unilateralism.

Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters during a daily briefing that the international community disagreed with what he described as the selfish behaviour of the United States.

“The U.S. has become addicted to quitting groups and scrapping treaties,” said Zhao.

President Donald Trump announced on Friday the United States would cut ties with the WHO, accusing the UN agency of becoming a puppet of China.

The WHO has denied Trump’s assertions that it promoted Chinese “disinformation” about the novel coronavirus, which emerged in China late last year.

Trump’s decision follows a May 18 pledge of $ 2billion (£1.6billion) by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the World Health Assembly – the WHO decision-making body – to help deal with the coronavirus and economic and social development in affected countries, especially developing countries. It was not immediately clear how much of that money would actually go to the WHO.

The EU on Saturday urged the United States to reconsider its decision.

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China's fearsome plot to 'leverage' COVID-19 vaccine to further world domination

Coronavirus news: Live update of Covid world cases (Image: EXPRESS)

China calls on the international community to provide more political support and funding for the WHO, said Zhao.

The US decision to quit the Geneva-based agency comes amid growing tension between the United States and China over the coronavirus outbreak.

Since taking office, Trump has questioned the value of the United Nations and scorned the importance of multilateralism as he focuses on an “America First” agenda.

He has quit the UN Human Rights Council, the UN cultural agency UNESCO, a global accord to tackle climate change, the Iran nuclear deal and opposed a UN migration pact.

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