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Chris Evans: 'How dare you!' Virgin Radio fan corrects host in awkward on-air blunder

Chris Evans, 53, found himself in an awkward position on Thursday, after taking a call from a couple of fans. But the husband and wife duo weren’t best pleased when she heard him announce her age wrong, stating she was four years older than she actually is.

The former BBC host had taken a call from the married couple for an on-air chat in the regular segment of the show where he takes phone-ins and reads out messages from his loyal audience.

But, this time he made a grave error which left him feeling embarrassed at his huge mistake.

Introducing the pair, Chris was full of energy as he geared up for the conversation ahead.

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“Simon and Sarah, good morning guys!” he welcomed them enthusiastically as the fans replied back.

“Both with three kids, both 40 years old, have you been getting together?” Chris joked.

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“Is this a plan?”

He was suddenly interrupted by Sarah, who began shouting at him to get his attention.

“Chris! Chris!” she chirped, as the host continued to talk.

“Yes?” he replied, seemingly confused as to what she wanted to say before he had finished his introduction.

“I’m 36!” Sarah stated.

“How dare you!”

The DJ seemed stunned that he had been given the wrong information beforehand, and embarrassed that he made the awkward gaffe on-air.

“Oh right, sorry,” he nervously apologised as Sarah giggled on the other end of the line.

Earlier in the week, the former Top Gear host had big news for his audience after he revealed he and his wife had run a make-shift marathon over in Los Angeles.

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Viewer’s know that Chris has been vigorously training for the long list of marathons he had on his tick list for this year, but revealed he had to change his plans at the last minute.

He explained that the Tokyo marathon was cancelled due to safety concerns over the coronavirus, that’s affected more than 80 countries around the world, with a death toll standing at more than 3,000 worldwide.

The coronavirus is a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe health problems, according to the World Health Organisation.

Recent reports have claimed that the number of coronavirus cases has risen to 87 people in the UK.

In an official statement by marathon organisers, the Tokyo Marathon runners will now have to defer their entry until 2021.


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