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Chris Evans: 'I have no idea why you do that' Virgin Radio host hits out at day trippers

Chris Evans, 53, can’t understand why people don’t plan ahead when they decide to go out for the day, scoffing at their misfortune of suffering severe traffic. The Virgin Radio show host was left flabbergasted at the miles of cars he and his family passed on their way back from the beach last weekend when the weather was scorching, prompting him to ask the question: “Why do you do that?”


The former BBC DJ revealed that he, his wife Natasha and their four children decided to go on a family trip to the coast and due to the strict coronavirus rules and regulations that are still in place, concocted a strategic plan to avoid all hassle and unnecessary traffic.

He told listeners how they made a pact to leave their house early-doors in order to get to the beach in good time and to avoid the traffic, busy car parks and the packed beach front.

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Although the UK government is in the process of lifting the 10-week lockdown, there are still measures that we need to adhere to such as social distancing.

And, many people have come under fire for breaching the two-metre rule whilst enjoying themselves while visiting one of Britain’s many idyllic seaside towns.

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Clearly agitated by the whole concept, Chris continued to vent his exasperation of those who don’t share the same willingness to roll out of bed at an ungodly hour in order to attack the day.

“They’re going to get home and think ‘What was that about? What was any of that about?'” he mocked.

He then moved on to slamming people who leave for popular beach destinations such as Cornwall at 10am-12pm, claiming they will “put yourself in a bad mood at the beginning of your holiday!”

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