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Chris Evans: ‘I promised I wouldn’t say this’ Virgin Radio host reveals new move to wife

As the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly and the nation has been advised to work from home by the government, radio presenter Chris Evans, 53, has revealed details about his newly built radio studio while he works remotely and his wife’s shocking reaction. Chris said his new make-do radio booth “looks like NASA”. 

Speaking on air, he told his listeners: “It looks amazing, honestly it looks like NASA, it looks like mission control, it’s unbelievable.” 

Chris then blurted out: “Tash was like. I promised I wouldn’t say this on the radio, but do you know what she said last night?” 

The presenter then went on to explain what happened when he showed his wife his new studio. 

He said: “She took one look at it when it was sort of nearly finished, it was all lit, and they plugged it in and it went bsssssh. It all lit up.”

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“She went, ‘do you know how to work all that?’”, causing Chris and his co-presenter to break out into laughter on air. 

Chris continued while in hysterics: “Yeah… Why wouldn’t I? It’s what I do for a living.

“Can you imagine if she’s breastfeeding the twins and I said to her, do you know what you’re doing there?”, the Virgin Radio host continued. 

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Before Chris joined Virgin Radio as a presenter, he was known for starting his career on BBC Radio 2 where he hosted The Chris Evans Breakfast Show. 

Despite making his point loud and clear, he reassured his listeners that he wasn’t trying to “score points” and revealed that he just wanted some clarity in the situation. 

Chris said: “I’m not trying to score points I promise you I’m not, I’m just saying tell us what to do, tell us what to do!” 

Soon after, the Virgin Radio host who admitted that his family had a little scare this week, also touched on the “panic-buying”, where people have been buying more supplies than they need.

He said: “You can panic-buy a little bit as long as it doesn’t affect anybody, especially elderly people or people who are at high-risk.” 

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