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Chris Evans: ‘I want nits!’ Virgin Radio host makes bizarre wish to ‘fit in’

Chris Evans, 53, had his co-star’s Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne, in stitches on Thursday morning after revealing he “wants to get nits” to fit in with family life. During a conversation about what can affect a person’s happiness, they focused on a specific element that could make people self-conscious and not good about themselves – hair.

After a listener admitted they have been in that situation, Chris revealed that his family had suffered with nits over the weekend.

“We’ve been talking about his over the past few days, because most of my family have had nits over the weekend,” he said.

“I didn’t have them, and my kid said it’s because I don’t have enough hair.”

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Vassos and Rachel sniggered in the background as Chris began to detail his very high maintenance hair routine he religiously carries out every day in order to stop “the rest of my hair falling out”.

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“So, the question is not why would I like my hair, why, what for, how is it going to make me feel better, how is it going to improve your self esteem,” he shook his head.

Suddenly the studio erupted with laughter as his team realised what he was hinting at.

“You want nits!” Rachel exclaimed, as Vassos howled.

“Yes, I want nits! I want enough hair to have nits to join in the family nit conversation! I can get knitted!”

Not sure if that’s the best way to go about it but, each to their own, Chris!

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