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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ admits he won’t have anything to open on Xmas day from wife

Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ admits he won’t have anything to open on Xmas day from wife 1

Chris Evans, 53, revealed to his Virgin Radio listeners why he won’t be getting a Christmas present from his wife, Natasha, 39, this festive period. During an interview with BAFTA award winning actress Sian Gibson, who told listeners all about her experience working on Sky One’s Cinderella: After Ever After, the conversation moved on to upcoming Christmas celebrations and surprise gifts.

Sian revealed she had asked for “boring” yet practical things from her loved ones including slippers, pyjamas and perfume.

When she asked Chris what he would be getting from his family, he admitted he’d already had his gift.

“I’ve already had my Christmas present from my wife,” he said.

“Getting my varicose veins done.”

Sian giggled: “Romantic,” as Chris went to show her the video he and his co-star Kate Lawler recorded during the minor procedure.

“I’ve got a video if you’d like to see it, we’re going to watch it on Christmas day,” he said proudly, as listeners could hear the faint sound of the DJ showing Sian the operation.

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But she didn’t sound impressed.

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“Do they just pull them out?!” She squirmed as Chris tutted.

“No, don’t be silly!” He exclaimed.

“They microwave them and then they pull the out one by one. 53 I had done.”

Varicose veins can be very unpleasant for sufferers, as they appear swollen and enlarged, usually found on the legs and feet.

Their blue or dark purple colouring and lumpy appearance can have an abundance of symptoms including aching, throbbing and burning sensations and can cause muscle cramps, say the NHS.

“Well I used to have to wear stockings, so I have many stockings to fill!” He laughed, referencing his post procedure medical socks.

“Are you going to hang them up,” Sian giggled as Chis excitedly exclaimed: “Yes I am, yes I am!”

“That’s what I could do, I could give people ex Chris Evans post procedure varicose veins socks, maybe that’s what’s in these boxes over here!” He joked, as he went to unbox Christmas presents in the Virgin Radio studio.

Chris previously admitted to listeners he wanted his veins taken care of since he took up marathon running, and that as a surprise treat, Natasha had booked him in for the procedure.

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