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Chris Evans: Virgin Radio host apologises to Queen for 'bottom line' comment ‘Forgive me’

Chris Evans, 54, had to make a public apology to Queen Elizabeth II for talking about her “bottom line” on-air on Tuesday. The former BBC radio DJ felt guilty for his comments and begged for forgiveness.

Chris and his co-stars Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne, were reading through the day’s headlines but one in particular took them all by surprise.

“The Queen selling her own home made gin after losing £30million during the coronavirus crisis,” the host read out before giggling.

“I’m not sure the Queen knows anything about these headlines being written about her,” he laughed as Vassos and Rachel hooted in the background.

“About the £30million hit on her bottom line, and by the way, forgive me ma’am, Mrs Queen for talking about your bottom line,” Chris corrected himself rather quickly.

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“Where might the show going to go next year, where might we go beyond the show, from the show as another narrative arc, born here going to somewhere else,” Chris pondered.

Without giving too much away, he started describing a “physical world”, born of the things fans love about the digital radio show.

Almost nodding at creating some sort of theme park, he mentioned that he and one of the Virgin Radio bosses were “checking it out”, leaving fans wanting to know more.

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Tickling listeners taste buds, he asked Rachel and Vassos what they thought.

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