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Chris Harris: Top Gear host shares 'big moment' on set after surprise new addition 

Chris told his 595,000 followers about the “big moment” of realising he needed to buy a pair of reading glasses.

He explained: “Big moment in my already too long life, 45 years old, it’s happened.”

The presenter then asked his fans: “What do you reckon? This is for [Paddy] McGuinness; he will find this hilarious and [Freddie] Flintoff and many of my friends. “

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Putting the glasses on to his face, he observed his reflection in the iPhone screen.

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“If what we’ve shot so far is anything to go by, social distancing doesn’t get in the way of Paddy, Freddie and Chris having a brilliant time and causing mayhem along the way.”

The BBC announced last month the motoring programme would be among the first shows to return to filming using the government’s social distancing guidelines. 

Executive producers on the programme told Metro.co.uk about the difficulties of importing cars for the series.

“Apart from the obvious challenges of not being able to film abroad at present, a lack of cars being imported from other countries, and different rules applying to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England, the main challenge is transporting a big crew around the country and finding safe places to stay.

“We are lucky on Top Gear that most of our filming is outside, and the presenters are generally speaking in their own cars.”

When Paddy returned in June, he managed to get into a crash while driving a £250,000 Lamborghini.

The 46-year-old was shaken up after losing control of the luxury sports car.

He shared a video after the accident with his 1.6 million Instagram followers, showing damage to the vehicle.

Speaking to the camera, he said: “Hello there. Back filming again today with Top Gear.

“I thought I would show you the Diablo. It’s on the back of a low loader. Gutted.

“As you can see, the damage underneath there. Hopefully, fingers crossed, we can get her back on the road and what have you.”

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“It wasn’t as bad as was made out yesterday, to be honest, but just shows you, a little bit of oil on a wet road, lethal,” he said. 


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