Church of the Apostles: Where Jesus’ Disciples Once Lived ‘Finally Found’

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Lost Church of the Apostles where Jesus’ disciples

Lost Church of the Apostles: Some scholars believe Jesus’ disciples Peter and Andrew lived here (Image: Getty/Zachary Wong)

The Church of the Apostles is an American evangelical church based in Atlanta, Georgia’s Buckhead neighborhood.The church was founded in 1987 by Michael Youssef, who left Egypt to go to college in Australia and subsequently immigrated to the USA in 1977.

The amazing breakthrough was made in an place that the Sea of Galilee assumed to be the ancient village of Bethsaida. There is where some religious scholars claim that Peter and Andrew lived among the disciples of Jesus. The archaeologist of Kinneret Academic College and Nyack College of New York claim the ancient Jewish village of Bethsaida listed in the new Testament of the Bible, it was much bigger than I had imagined before.

Some believe the region is probably alluded to in the story of “Feeding the 5,000,” where Jesus apparently fed a huge audience of just five loaves of bread and two tiny fish.

It is known for certain is that the latest discovery of a massive Byzantine-era church at the alleged site of the biblical village in modern-day Beit Habek, also known as El-Araj, has unearthed bones.

Many of the more notable documentation involves mosaic names that Professor R. Steven Notley of New York’s private Christian college says “are for wall mosaics and exist only in the churches.”

Many discoveries at the site contain pieces of granite, two aisles, roof tiles built for a wide building and a stone-carved cross.


Lost Church of the Apostles: Part of mosaic floor in a church, el-Araj (Image: Zachary Wong)

Historical sources have pointed to this region as home to the church that was built on top of the old house built by Peter and Andrew but no one could find it before.

The sacred remains are yet to be scientifically identified.

But archeologists claim that it was founded in the fifth century, 500 years after it is claimed that the apostles stayed.

Scholars often claim it was demolished later either in the seventh or the eighth century due to the growth of the Umayyad empire and Islamic influence in the region.

The belief that el-Araj is the long-lost Bethsaida, and once belonging to the prophets Jesus, Andrew and Philip, is backed by the church’s excavating historians.

Some people assume however that e-Tell’s neighboring location is simply Bethsaida.

More verification, such as an inscription, is required to confirm that this site is still the Apostolic Church.

Professor Notley said: “It should be common to find an inscription in a Byzantine-era church which explains, for example, in whose memory it was founded.”

One problem is to discover a Byzantine-period church, but the archeologists believe it’s the Church of the Apostles so “there’s no real reason to doubt it,” he said.


Lost Church of the Apostles: The area could be the site of the “Feeding of the 5,000” miracle (Image: Getty)

In 725, a Bavarian bishop called Willibald visited the Holy Land and wrote about traveling from Capernaum to Kursi, and on the way to seeing Peter’s church and Andrew’s uncle, Professor Mordechai Aviam said.

“There were no other churches in between these two cities,” adds Professor Aviam.

“And it seems that the el-Araj church is from the right time.”


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