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Cigar-shaped UFO filmed soaring over Detroit as witness rules out drones

A man has spotted what appears to be a cigar-shaped UFO flying across the sky over the city of Detroit in Michigan.

Local resident Proimos Paul captured the bizarre sighting on Tuesday, June 23, when he saw the unknown object hovering in broad daylight.

Footage posted on his Facebook shows the silver flying object gliding at a high altitude above the clouds.

He zooms in for a closer look and it appears that the object is elongated and moving at speed, like ones seen across the US in recent months.

The clip has been shared onto various UFO discussion forums and pages.

Resident Proimos saw a bright cigar-shaped craft gliding in the sky

Conspiracy theorist “Disclose Screen ‘The Grimreefar'” reviewed the footage and shared it onto his popular YouTube channel.

He told his subscribers his belief that the object was a low-silence flying craft.

“I’ve seen the same thing over my hometown last summer,” he continued. “It stayed stationary and it moved back and forth, back and forth.”

He added he had previously mentioned the sighting on his channel.

Conspiracy theorist however believed it's a low-silence flying craft
Conspiracy theorist however believed it’s a low-silence flying craft
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The user stressed: “If this isn’t a military high-tech drone, then it is a legit UFO.”

Some viewers also believed the flying object was a drone but Proimos denied it, saying it is “way too large” and “at too high of a rate of speed”.

One pointed out that the UFO appeared to be a saucer-shaped to the naked eye.

Conspiracy theories

Another resident also claimed to have witnessed it and commented: “Was hanging with my dad yesterday and kept pointing to the sky and saying what is that.”

But others tried to debunk it and suggested it’s a hologram projected to the sky.

“The clear saucer in the day time was clearly a hologram,” said the viewer. “Now who projected it, I don’t know. The last one I’ve seen. They were in formation.”

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