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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch fan shares easy hack for getting creases out of fabric without ironing

One cleaning fan asked: “Oh my god I’ve never seen this stuff, looks amazing. Where did you buy it?”

The woman replied explaining: “It’s really hard to find atm, supermarkets, Wilkos B&M.”

However Wilkos website says this spray in the scent Spring Awakening is now discontinued.

The Mrs Hinch fan explained how she uses the Gold Orchid scent as it smells the best for a bedroom.

Another fan also expressed how she uses the product to remove creases from her bed linen.

She wrote: “Just used Lenor crease release on my bedding after making the bed and it looks like I’ve ironed it.”

One fan commented: “OMG I love this stuff, I will not be ironing my bed sets anymore before it goes on the bed.”

Another asked: “Does it dry quickly?”

The cleaning fan replied: “Yes, I didn’t make it too wet, just sprayed a bit at a time.”

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Other fans shared how the product can make the floor very slippery if any gets onto it so explains how those using the product should use it with care and be sure to wipe the floor after without standing in it.

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