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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch reveals secret product to wash cleaning cloths that removes dirt

When cleaning, cloths like microfibre become a magnet for dirt and dust to stick to which is great when wanting to clean an item.

However, it can also cling onto unwanted debris and bacteria which is why these special cleaning tools also need to be cleaned.

Posting on her Instagram stories, Mrs Hinch shared her method for cleaning her favourite ‘Minky’ cleaning pad.

Known as a ‘Minky’, the M Cloth Anti-bacterial Cleaning pad, has become a firm favourite of Mrs Hinch over recent years.

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Mrs Hinch then filled up a plastic bowl with some Ace For Whites stain remover and left her Minky to soak in it.

Squeezing the cleaning pad to get all of the dirt out, the solution turned to a yellow colour.

After a few hours Mrs Hinch revealed how her Minky was good as new with no stains visible.

She wrote: “Back from the garden centre and LOOK…Good as new! I need to rinse him with water too but I don’t have any at the moment!”

Other items like the washing machine help clean clothes but also need to be cleaned themselves too.

In an Instagram story, Sophie is also seen using a SonicScrubber to clean her washing machine which is an electrical cleaning brush to access all the difficult parts of a washing machine.

The brush retails at £18.99 and the site claimed that it can improve cleaning by up to 57 percent.

Mrs Hinch says that cleaning tools can be added to the drum as she sets the washing machine on for a quick cycle.

It is also very important to clean the detergent drawer as this can be an area for germs to thrive.

It can be removed and cleaned with an all purpose cleaner.

Cleaning the filter of a washing machine can also help prevent dirt and germs collecting. It is very warm and humid and so can be a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria.

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