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Cleaning: Mrs Hinch’s mopping hack for bathroom tiles to get them sparkling clean

Mrs Hinch fans rushed to the comments to express their thoughts on the cleaning hack.

One comment read: “I did this earlier in the year it’s certainly a time saver.”

Another said: “I did this today too…game changer.”

Mrs Hinch has also previously shared the Flash Powermop which can be used on hard surfaces but differs from the Speedmop as it is battery powered.

It says: “The Flash Powermop is here to the rescue with its in-built cleaning solution and absorbing pads. Now you can get back on top of your home cleaning schedule and say bye-bye to dirt.”

Other areas of the bathroom that need concentrated cleaning include the grout that can be seen between the tiles.

This, when exposed to damp and water can be a breeding ground for mould and other bacteria.

The woman revealed that she used one of Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning products to get the grout looking white again.

She wrote: “DON’T JUDGE! Moved into our rental and the bathroom floor was left like this! Decided to give the pink stuff a go! Amazing! Tiles are now shining!”

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She revealed that she added a generous amount of the Pink Stuff paste onto the tiles and worked it in with a bristle brush.

Scrubbing the grout with a bristle brush will destroy any of the harmful bacteria that is living on the tiles.

The Pink Stuff paste can be used on a variety of different surfaces and costs around 98p from shops like B&M and Home Bargains.

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