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Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch reveals the best way to clean your kitchen hob

However it is advised to deep clean the hob often as a dirty stove can prevent pans sitting directly on the surface, making it much less effective when heating the pan.

Ovenclean.com recommends to clean your hob after every use, as this will prevent build up which will take much longer to clean.

Mrs Hinch then works the cream cleanser into her hob, removing any food or dirt that has become stuck onto the hob.

She then wipes the product away with a cloth, a microfibre one might be the best option for removing the cleaner.

She will then rinse it with a wet cloth to reveal a stain-free, shiny hob.

The Pink Stuff can also be used to clean sinks and work surfaces, again leaving the product to work for a few minutes before wiping it away with a wet cloth.

To clean her sink, Sophie adds a cup of soda crystals to the plughole, followed by white vinegar.

She then leaves it to soak for around 15 minutes before pouring a boiling kettle over the plug to disperse any remaining soda crystals.

Sophie will then scrub her sink with the same Cif Cream cleaner to reveal a sparkling stainless steel sink.

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The product can also be used to clean kitchen tiles, as well as cleaning bathtubs, sinks and bathroom tiles.

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