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Cleaning tips: How to clean your home in preparation for Autumn – expert advice

Autumn cleaning is just as important as the deep spring clean for many reasons. Central heating and closed windows can reduce ventilation, creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mould and even dust mites to thrive in. Lucy Askew, interiors expert at Hillarys has shared her top tips with the Express.co.uk on how to keep your home spotless during the colder months.



She says: “Autumn is the time for your home to feel cosy and warm as you will no doubt be spending a lot more time in doors as the cold weather sets in. Listed below are a few quick and easy tips to keep on top of that dreaded housework so you’ll be happy to spend time in your spotless autumnal home.”

Give your home a once over

The expert explains: “By doing some small checks around your home now, you can avoid nasty shocks later down the line as winter rolls around.

“Check your boiler to ensure it’s in tiptop condition, give your drains and guttering a once over, checking for any foliage that might cause a blockage and make sure your roof tiles are up to scratch so you don’t fall victim to leaks or flooding.”

This shouldn’t take too long and if there is anything that needs sorting, it can be done so before the really cold weather sets in.

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Cleaning tips: How to clean your home in preparation for Autumn – expert advice (Image: Getty)

Swap summer interiors to autumn

Lucy says: “You don’t have to spend a fortune to give your home a different feel through the autumn and winter months. Dig out your blankets, light a few candles and dim the lights for that cosy, warm atmosphere.

“You can also look to change up the light, airy colours you might have used in accent pieces and soft-furnishings to darker and warmer colours such as oranges, browns, dark blues and rich greens to add to that autumnal feel.”

This not only can help boost your mood but also help you keep motivated to do spot cleaning around your home to keep it looking pristine.

Do the big jobs you’ve been dreading

The interiors expert continues: “You might have been putting off doing those big cleaning jobs around the home but now is the time to get them done.

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“Whether it be cleaning out your fridge, deep cleaning the oven or organising your wardrobe, once done, you’ll feel so much better for it and your home will be ready for the start of the new season.”

Deep cleaning the oven can often be a tedious job but Mrs Hinch fans often share hacks to their dedicated cleaning pages to help one another reduce their cleaning time.

One Mrs Hinch fan has recently shared how she uses The Pink Stuff paste to remove grime and food build up from her oven doors and racks with ease.

Mrs Hinch will then scrub the inside of her oven with one of her favourite sponges and suggests working the product into the oven in circular motions.

Cleaning the fridge is important and should be done at least once a week (Image: Getty)

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For fridges, many say removing all the food from inside the fridge first will help you see any food spillages or dirt that needs to be cleaned up.

Do regular cleans little but often

Lucy explains: “Dusting, hoovering, cleaning the toilet. These jobs are always better doing little but often. If left, it will make the cleaning process 10 times harder and will take 10 times longer when you do finally get round to them.

“Set a day and time in your diary each week to these small jobs; they won’t take you long at all and your home will always be up to the cleaning standard of Kim and Aggie.”

It is always recommended to dust first and then hoover so that any leftover dust from cabinets or tables can fall onto the floor to be vacuumed up.

Hoovering should be done every week to stop dust building up (Image: Getty)

Many suggest giving your home a deep clean every couple of weeks just to make sure you have cleaned the tricky parts to reach like behind sofas or under beds.

Get those outdoor jobs done before it gets too cold

The expert says: “If there are any outside jobs that need to be done, get them done now before the cold weather arrives.

“Clean your windows, give the outside of your house a lick of paint and tidy up your front and back garden. Just because you won’t be using them much in the winter, doesn’t mean they should still be given the love and attention they need.

“Doing the odd job here and there now, will only help you out in the future for when the weather turns nice again.”

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