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CNN, MSNBC Hone In On The Whiteness Of New Hampshire’s Electorate

Media outlets focused on the whiteness of New Hampshire amid the Democratic primary Tuesday, with CNN and MSNBC taking turns jabbing at the state’s demographics.

MSNBC’s Joshua Johnson tried to sum up Tuesday’s events on “New Hampshire Primary: Decision 2020” and noted that New Hampshire and Iowa “are damn near the same.” He said he’s waiting for future states like Nevada and South Carolina to have a “better idea of where the electorate is going to go.”

“Iowa is white,” Johnson said. “New Hampshire is whiter with a little less seasoning. And we are about to go into two states that are demographically very different. Nevada is 29% Hispanic. That’s not seasoned, that’s season. A very different state. South Carolina is 26% black. It’s almost like we have one data point and two different versions.”


On CNN “New Day” Wednesday morning, anchor John Berman continued that rhetoric, saying that polling analyst Harry Enten “had to use the whiteboard… literally and figuratively!” to talk about the electorate in New Hampshire.

“Yeah okay, look, I’m going to play a little whiteboard for you here,” Enten said, with Berman adding “literally.” (RELATED: New Hampshire Voter Tells MSNBC Anchor She Voted For Bernie Sanders – To Stick It To MSNBC)


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The polling analyst noted how New Hampshire’s primary electorate was 91% white and then compared it to the more diverse 2016 Nevada and South Carolina electorates.

“I like how you had to use the whiteboard, literally and figuratively, to describe the demographic makeup in Iowa and New Hampshire,” Berman said.

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