CNN’s Chyrons Drag Donald Trump’s ‘Angry’ Meltdown During Press Conference: It’s A ‘Propaganda Session’

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CNN’s Chyrons Drag Donald Trump’s ‘Angry’ Meltdown During Press Conference: It’s A ‘Propaganda Session’ 1

President Donald Trump had some tension-filled interactions with reporters at a press conference on Apr. 12 after they asked him questions about why he waited so long to take action on the coronavirus.

President Donald Trump, 73, did not have a civil press conference on Apr. 12 and CNN chyrons didn’t hesitate to express that by using words like “angry meltdown” and “propoganda session” during the telecast. The Commander-in-Chief held the conference to give updates on the current status of the coronavirus pandemic and how it has been affecting the U.S. and when reporters asked him certain questions such as why he didn’t act quicker when closing things like international air travel and businesses down in Mar. he became defensive, leading CNN to add the bold captions about his reactions.

“Zero cases, zero deaths on Jan. 17,” Trump told reporter, Paula Reid of CBS after she asked why he didn’t take action in all of Feb. He went on to tell her he did “a lot” in Feb. and he will give her “a list” but when she kept on pressing him for answers then and there, he called her “a fake.” “You know that, your whole network, the way you cover it is fake and most of you, not all of you, but the people are wise to you, that’s why you have a lower approval rating than you’ve ever had before times probably three,” he said.

Trump was also asked about saying that “when someone is President of the United States their authority is total”, meaning they make all the decisions, which CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins pointed out is “not true.” He addressed the question by stating that “the governors need us one way or the other because ultimately, it comes with the federal government.” He went on to say he and his team were getting along “very well” with the governors so there won’t be a problem with deciding on current and future actions concerning the coronavirus pandemic. When Collins continued to question his statement that said the president had “total authority”, Trump told her, “enough” and moved on to another question.

Trump’s latest press briefing comes after most states in the U.S. have put stay-at-home orders into place, advising citizens to only leave their homes for essentials to try and flatten the curve of the coronavirus infections and deaths. As of Apr. 13, there have been 2,022,386 people infected worldwide, including 586,941 Americans, with 119,630 total deaths worldwide, including 23,640 Americans.

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