Coldplay album: When is the new Coldplay album out? Band makes HUGE announcement

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Coldplay album: When is the new Coldplay album out? Band makes HUGE announcement 1

Coldplay, fronted by pianist and singer Chris Martin, is one of the biggest groups in the world. Their albums have topped the charts – three of which are in the top 20 best-selling albums of the millennium. But they chose to reveal their latest album in a rather unusual way – through a local newspaper.

When is the new Coldplay album out?

Coldplay has been feeding their fans details of their new double album, Everyday Life, for a long while.

They have been giving fans hints about what it could be and when it could be out for a little while.

However, the band have taken things in an intriguing direction after sharing details of their latest album in a unique way.

The tracklist for the album has been included in the most recent copy of the North Wales Daily Post, a local paper based in the area.

The band’s lead guitarist, Jonny Buckland, grew up in Pantymwyn, near Mold, meaning this decision may not be completely out of the ordinary as he still has close ties with the area.

In the classifieds section of the paper, the band released the two sections of the albums: Sunrise and Sunset.

In Sunrise are eight songs, as well as in Sunset, with one of the songs on the latter disc seeming to be written in a different language.

Not only did the band release the tracklist, but also when the album will finally be released to fans: November 22, 2019.

As well as including a classified ad in the paper, Coldplay also sent individual letters to fans to tell them of the exciting news.

One fan was convinced the letter was fake, posting a picture of it to Twitter with the caption: “Fake alert! 

“Got this in the post this morning with autographs in gold in the corners. 

“Can’t see why anybody would send it. Anybody got anything similar?”

When other fans reassured her and even explained that they had similarly received these letters, she tweeted: “If I’d known that card was genuine I would have put on a nicer tablecloth before I took the pics.

“But thanks for the card – I’m AMAZED and very touched.”

There have been reports of the new album coming from Coldplay when black-and-white posters appeared in Madrid showing the group as a 1920s wedding band.

They were sitting next to a man who some believed to be Friedrich Nietzsche, the philosopher, who was holding a saxophone.

Clearly, the album will show off a new experimental side, given the strange way the band has gone about revealing the tracks and release date.

The tracks on Sunrise are Sunrise, Church, Trouble in Town, BrokEn, Daddy, WOTW/POTP, Arabesque and When I Need A Friend.

The tracks on Sunset are Guns, Orphans, Èkó, Cry Cry Cry, Old Friends, Champion of the World and Everyday Life – as well as another track which falls after Old Friends, which is written in another language.

Everyday Life is released on November 22

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