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Coleen Nolan: Loose Women star talks moment with Jimmy Savile which left sisters angry

Loose Women star Coleen Nolan, 54, recalled the moment Jimmy Savile asked her to join him in a hotel when she was a teenager and spoke of her sisters’ reaction. The mother-of-three shared details of the encounter on Talk Radio today.

She said: “I remember Jimmy Savile invited me to his hotel when I was 14 when my sisters were doing Top of the Pops.

“He didn’t do it in front of them but I went back after the show and said ‘Oh Jimmy Savile has invited me back to his hotel suite’ and not thinking anything of it and not thinking I would go because to me even then he was just an old, ugly man but my sisters were like ‘Did he now?’.”

The Loose Women star added: “Luckily my sisters and I had been in the business so I was kind of surrounded by older, lecherous guys I guess at that point.

“Also my sisters protected me, but I have thought since then if I had just been a young fan and thought ‘Wow’, he was massive in his day.

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Coleen first spoke out about the encounter with Jimmy back in 2012 during a special ITV1 documentary called Exposure: The Other Side.

She told the Daily Star at the time: “Considering what’s come out, I feel thankful nothing like that happened to me.

“If I had gone ahead with it and innocently met him then obviously I would have had the same fate.”

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Coleen’s sister Linda added: “Because we were a family act we were surrounded by each other.

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