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Coronation Street spoilers: Aggie Bailey hiding dark secret set to tear Weatherfield apart

Coronation Street viewers have watched the Baileys settle into Weatherfield as their characters continue to be explored in more detail. Viewers don’t yet know much about mum Aggie Bailey (played by Lorna Laidlaw) but could she be hiding something from her family as its spoilers suggest there could be trouble in paradise? 

James Bailey (Nathan Graham) finally told his father Ed (Trevor Michale Georges) he was gay after he started dating Danny, who his father had warmed to. 

Aggie and brother Michael (Ryan Russell) had known about James’s sexuality but kept it a secret until the latter was ready to reveal the truth to his father. 

Now, out in the open, Ed has had a difficult time adjusting and James was left upset by his reaction. 

It seems Aggie could be at the centre of some new family drama after an upcoming struggle could occur after landing a new job. 

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Speaking to RadioTimes.com about what lies ahead for the family, Lorna who plays Aggie revealed: “I think it’s a big one. This little family in a year have been through quite a bit. We’re in the middle of this whirlwind, there’s a lot the family has dealt with.

“I think it will take quite a lot for them to get back to where they were when they first started on Coronation Street because words have been said. Once the genie’s out of the box, it’s hard to get it back again.”

“She’s fuming, quite obviously, she’s 100 prercent on James’s side. She pulls him up on it. We’ve never seen Aggie angry, she doesn’t do that. In that moment she’s ashamed of this man,” Laidlaw added.

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As Ed continues to struggle with dealing with his son’s sexuality, it seems there could be further trouble ahead. 

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