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Coronavirus: Harvey Weinstein 'tested positive' for coronavirus in prison

Harvey Weinstein, 68, has tested positive for coronavirus while in prison, according to Deadline. Harvey is serving 23 years in prison after being charged guilty with rape and sexual assault.

According to several reports, Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for coronavirus after starting his sentence of 23 years.

The former film mogul turned 68 last week and is said to be self-isolating at Wende Correctional Facility in Western New York.

The Niagara Gazette reported that officials at Wende Correctional Facility said that two inmates had tested positive, according to Metro.

Juda Engelmayer told Express.co.uk: “Our team that has HIPAA consent has not heard anything like that yet. I can’t tell you what I don’t know.”

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In Italy, the number of cases is 59,138, with, 5,476 deaths in total.

As hospitals struggle with shortages of equipment including breathing ventilators, schools in the US have closed.

President Donald Trump has said the US economy will “skyrocket” once COVID-19 has passed, according to The Guardian.

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Germany has now expanded the restrictions on social interactions as they have banned public gatherings of more than two people, BBC reports.

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