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Coronavirus latest: New app could help manage the deadly virus as pandemic fears rise

The app has been developed by doctors and aims to empower doctors to safely discuss clinical cases using their own smartphone.

Now with over one million members worldwide, the app provides a unique digital channel for medical professionals to share their knowledge and skills, discuss complex and challenging cases and help learn from one another.

A recent poll on the platform showed that 9 percent of the doctors participating in the discussion had diagnosed coronavirus cases in their practice or hospital.

Most reported that their approach to identifying potential cases rests largely upon travel history and epidemiological data about the outbreak, and had car concerns about how contagious COVID-19 is in the pre-symptomatic stage.

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Medical professionals on MedShr have also shared concerns about the limitations of thermal-image scanning used at many airports.

Other areas of focus include personal protective equipment for medical practitioners, as well as the presenting symptoms of the virus and its complications.

This comes after news that UK officials revealed they were considering closing schools and transport networks in the event of a global pandemic.

Department of Health officials are preparing a coronavirus pandemic plan that will be rolled out if the number of cases suddenly escalates.

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