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Coronavirus map LIVE: Boris to hold crunch Tory video call as lockdown sparks civil war

NHS England announced a further 3,610 coronavirus hospital deaths took place between April 25 – May 8, raising the UK’s existing total, which currently stands at 33,021, to over 36,500. It comes as the daily death toll rose by 2017 in England today, with Wales reporting nine new deaths, and Scotland announcing a further 36 people had died in hospital after testing positive for COVID-19. Northern Ireland is yet to announce its latest figures.

Boris Johnson will hold a video call in a desperate bid to win over his Tory party with his views on the lockdown before his big announcement tomorrow evening.

The proposed video call comes as more and more Tory MPs are concerned Mr Johnson is lifting the lockdown too slowly.

Ministers have made it clear the Prime Minister’s evening address tomorrow will not be to fully lift the coronavirus lockdown but he will announce his ‘road map’ plan.

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Garden centres will be allowed to open from Wednesday, May 13, Mr Johnson is expected to say.

Visitors will need to ensure they adhere to social distancing rules, like in supermarkets.

The delay of the reopening to Wednesday is so managers have time to ensure the centres are within the guidelines for social distancing.

Minister Mark Drakeford, has said: “Our second planned change to the regulations is to allow garden centres to reopen, provided the social distancing rules can be applied.”

Environment Secretary George Eustice made it clear at Downing Street yesterday there would not be any “dramatic overnight changes”.

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3.32pm update: UK’s death toll passes 36,500

The number of coronavirus deaths in the UK has now surpassed 35,000, new data suggests.

The number of registered deaths currently stands at 33,021.

Today’s figures from NHS England show that a further 3,610 hospital patients who had tested positive for Covid-19 died between April 25 and May 8 – which, together with the total figure of 33,021 registered deaths, suggests the overall death toll for the UK has now passed 36,500.

3.14pm update: Young men most likely to break lockdown rules

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More than half of men aged 19 to 24 have broken the UK’s lockdown rules by meeting up with their friends, a study has found.

This group was also more likely to think they were not at risk of catching coronavirus or spreading it to others, and that following the Government’s guidelines was not worthwhile, psychologists from the University of Sheffield and Ulster University found.

The researchers – who questioned a representative group of 2,000 13 to 24-year-olds – found one in five adolescent men aged between 19-21 said they had been sent on their way, arrested, fined or taken home by police for breaking the rules – compared with just one in 10 women of the same age.

2.40pm update: England hospital deaths rise

The number of people to die in an English hospital after testing positive for coronavirus rose by 207 today.

Of the new confirmed deaths, 47 occurred on May 8, 90 on May 7 and 23 on May 6.

2.08pm update: Boris Johnson will hold a video call to try and win over his Tory Party before his announcement tomorrow

This comes as there are more and more MPs who are concerned the lockdown is being lifted too slowly.

According to The Spectator’s Coffee House Mr Johnson will hold a Zoom conference call with his MPs to try and gain their confidence.

MP Steve Baker has called on the Prime Minister to be clear about how this lockdown will end, which he described as “absurd, dystopian and tyrannical”.

1.31pm update: Coronavirus rescue: Gibraltar brings stranded British citizens back from Morocco

Twenty-three British citizens left stranded in Morocco as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have been returned to their homes in Gibraltar on two specially commissioned vessels.

All had been unable to leave the North African country after its borders were closed on March 12. 

The group, none of whom was elderly or suffering from any known health problems, was allowed to travel because each had a welfare issue of some sort or another.

They were transported by the RGP launch Sir Adrian Johns and the Port Authority launch Admiral Rooke 11 yesterday.  

1.06pm update: Couples who have been forced to cancel their weddings due to the virus unable to claim on insurance 

The Guardian has heard from people who have had their insurance claims turned down from Wedding Plan Insurance. 

11.56am update: Donald Trump claims coronavirus will go away without a vaccine

President Trump is expecting 95,000 more deaths in the US. 

April saw 20 million people in the US lose their jobs. 

11.21am update: Andrew Neil lashes out at Government’s 14-day quarantine rules

UK airlines have said they have been told the government will bring in a 14-day quarantine for anyone arriving in the UK from any country apart from the Republic of Ireland by the end of May. 

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, is expected to announce plans for travel this afternoon at the Downing Street conference. 

The broadcast journalist tweeted: “Despite allowing people to arrive in UK throughout height of pandemic without the slightest check for Covid, The Times reports that, as the pandemic now abates, all arrivals from June 1 must self-isolate for 14 days. As they say across the pond, go figure.


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