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Coronavirus map LIVE: COVID panic as UK testing capacity 'evaporates' – no tests by 10am

Although the UK’s testing capacity across all pilars stood as 369,937 as of yesterday, there have been claims tests has been focused on areas which are hotspots. Ian Mearns, Labour MP for Gateshead, said: “In the last fortnight, our testing capacity has just gone — it has just dried up, completely evaporated. At the latest count we only have enough tests to start in the morning at 8 o’clock and completely run out by 10 o’clock.” Teachers have also been told not to send pupils for tests unless they display clear symptoms of coronavirus. This comes as cases in the UK have begun to soar as Britain heads into the autumn. 



Amid fears of a sharp rise in cases in the next few months, 1,735 cases were reported on Thursday. 

Despite cases soaring across the country, The Times has reported tests are being rationed out to certain areas of the country. 

Although Government officials claimed this was only done in a minor capacity, doctors have warned the strategy is deeply flawed. 

Peter English, of the British Medical Association said: “We understand there is limited testing capacity but the logic of moving so much of it away from areas with low infection rates is flawed as it means the programme is less likely to identify new spikes early, allowing swift action to be taken.”

Paul Hunter, from the University of East Anglia, added: “Rationing in low-risk areas is absolutely not what you want to do because if you want to stop low-risk areas becoming high risk ones you’ve got to spot cases before they become unmanageable.”


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Coronavirus Live: Testing capacity questioned (Image: GETTY)

9.04am update: Tony Blair reopens ID card debate 

The former Prime Minister has claimed digital identification makes complete sense in the efforts for fighting the coronavirus. 

He had previously attempted to bring in ID cards and now agrees with a potential move for digital identification. 

He told the BBC the use of the cards, which he attempted to bring in before it was scrapped by the coalition Government, could be vital in tracking vaccine use across the UK. 

Mr Blair told the BBC’s Newscast podcast: “You’ll want a record kept by the government of who’s been vaccinated – this will be essential, again, to restoring confidence.

“You don’t need a large amount of information.

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“People give a lot more information to their supermarkets than they do to the government.”

Coronavirus Live: Global cases as of August 3 (Image: Express)

8.39am update: New Zealand reports first coronavirus death since May 

After months of containing the virus, New Zealand has reported a man in his 50s has died from COVID-19.

The country’s death toll now stands at 23. 

8.10am update: Pressure for airport testing 

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Mr Shapps’ comments comes amid increased pressure for the Government to introduce coronavirus tests at airports. 

Multiple countries have a system of airport testing thus stopping the need for travellers to quarantine on arrival. 

Paul Charles, founder of the PC Agency of travel consultants, told The Times: “Only testing and more testing is the solution to walking the tricky tightrope between health and economic priorities.

“With over 30 other countries worldwide testing at airports, it’s still not clear why the UK is waiting to invest in such infrastructure.”

Coronavirus Live: UK cases as of September 3 (Image: Expres)

8.02am update: Airport testing not a “silver bullet” solution to taking countries off quarantine list

Speaking today, Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps said testing upon arrival is unlikely to find the vast majority who have travelled with the virus and are asymptomatic. 

He told Sky News: “I hear the calls from the airports and I spoke last night to John Holland-Kaye who’s the boss of Heathrow Airport and many others, it’s not that we’re ignoring the great work they’re doing on trialling tests. 

“But I’ve spoken to my opposite number, for example my French opposite number, they did put testing in but of course realised it isn’t actually the silver bullet solution to this.

“What you’ve got to be able to do is test further down the line with a period of quarantine as well.”

8am update: Ukraine sees record rise in daily new cases 

Ukraine has recorded 2,723 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours. 

That is an increase from the past high of 2,495 and takes the overall total to 2,723. 

Coronavirus Live: UK’s testing capacity questioned (Image: PA)

7.39am update: UK’s testing capacity has “evaporated”

Labour MP for Gateshead, Ian Mearns said yesterday: “In the last fortnight, our testing capacity has just gone — it has just dried up, completely evaporated.

“At the latest count we only have enough tests to start in the morning at 8 o’clock and completely run out by 10.”

This comes amid concerns testing is only being priotised to hotspots in the UK. 

The UK’s testing capacity stands at 369,937 as of Thursday although only 175,687 tests were processed. 

According to The Times, health chiefs have stated there is not enough capacity for tests to be widespread across the UK at this moment. 

Source:Daily Express :: UK Feed

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