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Coronavirus map LIVE: Panic after TRUE death toll exposed – UK nears terrifying milestone

A total of 646,841 coronavirus deaths have been confirmed, according to the latest figures from Reuters, a figure at the higher end of the worldwide flu death toll estimates for an average year. There have been more than 16.25 million Covid-19 cases. The WHO estimates between 290,000 and 650,000 deaths each year across the globe are associated with seasonal influenza – meaning coronavirus is now on the cusp of overtaking this total.

In the UK there have been 299,426 confirmed cases and 45,752 deaths, according to the Government’s latest figures. On an average year, Public Health England estimates there are 17,000 flu deaths.

It comes after a worrying study indicated the worldwide death toll could be even higher than expected.

The investigation by El Pais newspaper said the official death toll of 28,432 could actually be as high as 44,868.

Spain was struck off Britain’s list of safe holiday destinations on Saturday amid fears of a second coronavirus wave.

Thousands of travellers arriving back in the UK will be forced to quarantine for 14 days following the move.


7.40am update: Ryanair says second wave is ‘biggest fear’

Ryanair has said a second wave of coronavirus is now its “biggest fear” after reporting a loss of 185 million euro (£168 million).

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The company said: “The past quarter was the most challenging in Ryanair’s 35-year history.

“Covid-19 grounded the group’s fleet for almost four months (from mid-March to end June) as EU governments imposed flight or travel bans and widespread population lockdowns.

“During this time, group airlines repatriated customers and operated rescue flights for different EU governments, as well as flying a series of medical emergency/PPE flights across Europe.”

7.30am update: Germany’s coronavirus cases rise by 340

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has increased by 340 to 205,609, according to the latest figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) for infectious diseases.

No further deaths have been reported with the toll remaining at 9,118.

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