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Coronavirus map LIVE: Public Health England data has ‘worrying’ update for the over 50s

New data shows coronavirus infections among over 50’s, who are more at risk of serious illness and death from COVID-19, are surging. New cases rose by 92 percent among those in their 50s last week, 72 percent among people in their 60s and 44 percent among those in their 80s.



It comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the recent rise in infections seen in the UK was “predominantly” among younger people.

But it appears most of the new cases are now among the over-50s.

Yvonne Doyle, medical director at Public Health England, said: “Although younger people continue to make up the greatest share of new cases, we’re now starting to see worrying signs of infections occurring in the elderly, who are at far higher risk of getting seriously ill.

“This is a reminder of the ongoing risk as the virus spreads throughout the UK.

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Coronavirus UK: Cases are rising among the over 50s (Image: Getty)

“People should continue to follow social distancing rules, wash their hands regularly and wear a face covering in enclosed spaces.

“You should not mix with others when unwell.”

Infections rates in England are now doubling on a weekly basis, according to research by Imperial College.

The UK reported 3,539 positive coronavirus cases on Friday, up from 2,919 the day before.

The death toll rose by six, bringing the UK’s total to 41,614.


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Coronavirus map live (Image: Express)

11.13am update: Nicola Sturgeon urges people to follow ‘important advice’

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said it is vital coronavirus is kept under control as cases are on the rise again in the UK and Europe.

As a result she urged everyone to follow “some important advice”.

Ms Sturgeon wrote on Twitter: “If – as I do – you live in Glasgow, East or West Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, East Renfrewshire, North or South Lanarkshire, please do not visit other households at all for now (unless providing care). Cases are rising fastest in central belt so we must be extra vigilant here.

“In the rest of the country, please limit social gatherings, indoors and outdoors, to 6 people from a maximum of 2 households (children under 12 don’t count towards the limit of 6).

“Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, remember FACTS –

“F – Face coverings in enclosed spaces.

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“A – Avoid crowded places.

“C – Clean hands and surfaces regularly.

“T – Two metre distancing from people in other households.

“S – Self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms.”

Nicola Sturgeon has urged people to follow a number of preventative measures (Image: Getty)

10.44am update: Fines could be necessary for isolation breaches

Michael Gove has said fines could be necessary to enforce self-isolation rules.

Asked whether the Government should consider a carrot and stick approach, with better financial support for those self-isolating as well as fines for breaches, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think it is a very fair point.”

Ministers are considering plans for a hotline to report those who are breaking quarantine rules to the police.

10.11am uodate: Children will not be exempt from ‘rule of six’

Michael Gove has said the Government is not considering backing down over the “rule of six”, despite calls from Tory MPs to exempt children from the new restrictions.

Some Tory backbenchers are pressuring for England to follow Scotland and Wales in exempting under-12s from the six-person limit from the measures to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Mr Gove defended the restriction, to be introduced on Monday, and went further in signalling support for a proposal of fining people who refuse to self-isolate.

Asked if the Government was considering the exemption, he told BBC Breakfast: “No. I entirely understand, family life is so important, but the rule is there, the rule is clear and it commands public confidence.”

9.37am update Boris will continue to urge Britons to return to the office, despite rise in infections

Downing Street have insisted there had been no change to the Prime Minister’s advice that people should go back to their workplaces if they can do so safely.

But unions have warned fewer than half of workplaces have introduced adequate social distancing measures.

Seats are marked to keep social distance as a precaution against the transmission of coronavirus (Image: Getty)

9am update: UK is ‘on the edge of losing control’ of pandemic

Former chief scientific adviser and member of Sage Sir Mark Walport has said the Government risks losing control of the virus.

He told the BBC’s Today programme: “I think one would have to say that we’re on the edge of losing control.”

He added: “You’ve only got to look across the Channel to see what’s happening in France, what’s happening in Spain.

“The French on Thursday had 9,800 new infections and one can see their hospital admissions and indeed their intensive care admissions are going up.”

8.31am update: Michael Gove urges people to stay ‘in tune’ with the rules this weekend

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove urged people to act “in tune with” the rules this weekend ahead of the “rule of six” coming into force or risk increasing the rate of spread of coronavirus.

He told BBC Breakfast: “If people do behave in a way that is not really in line or in tune with the guidelines that have been put out then they are putting other people at risk.

“The reason why the country’s police chiefs have said that they hope people behave with appropriate restraint this weekend is we do not want to see a further acceleration of the spread of the virus.”

8.03 update: Less than 20% of people in England self-isolate fully

Less than 20 percent of people in England fully self-isolate when asked to do so, according to documents released from the Government’s scientific advisory group for emergencies (SAGE).

The minutes, from a meeting on 27 August of the Multidisciplinary Task and Finish Group on Mass Testing, state: “Around 20 percent of those reporting symptoms of COVID-19 in England report fully self-isolating by staying at home.

“Rates of self-isolation from other members of a household is likely to be lower due to physical and other practical constraints.

“These rates may be even lower in those who are asymptomatic who receive a positive result on mass testing, given likely lower perceived risk of being infected.”

Source:Daily Express :: UK Feed

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