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Coronavirus map LIVE: Spain announce 394 deaths in last 24 hours – total cases now 28,572

The number of cases in the country has risen from 24,926 to 28,572 within just one day. And according to multiple media outlets within the country, the death toll has soared from 1,326 to 1,720. The country is now only behind China and Italy in the number of recorded cases of the coronavirus. 

The single best present that we can give is to spare them the risk of catching a very dangerous disease

Boris Johnson

And the Spanish Government have warned that the worst is yet to come with the covid-19 outbreak.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez told a news briefing yesterday: “We have yet to receive the impact of the strongest, most damaging wave, which will test our material and moral capacities to the limit, as well as our spirit as a society

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Mr Sanchez added the country had not seen such a dramatic and dire situation since its civil war between 1936 and 1939.

The Civil War killed approximately half a million people.

The death toll in Spain has rapidly increased (Image: Getty)

However, he also attempted to reassure the Spanish people, by stating his Government was currently devising plans to produce masks and other equipment needed to tackle the virus within the country.

Mr Sanchez also drew comparisons to a wartime economy, much like the UK’s Chancellor Rishi Sunak. 

Last week, Spain declared a 15-day state of emergency to tackle the virus. 


Boris Johnson gives a coronavirus update with (Image: PA)

The lockdown has meant people are only allowed to leave the house when absolutely necessary. 

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Mr Sanchez showered praise on the “exemplary” response from Spanish citizens, but called his restrictions the toughest in Europe. 

Spanish media outlets have reported the Prime Minister may seek an extension of 15 days to the state of emergency. 


12.40pm update: Iran’s Supreme Leader slams America for offer of coronavirus help

Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has slammed the offer of support from Americans to fight the coronavirus.

He said: “You Americans are accused of engineering coronavirus. I do not know how true this claim is, but as long as the accusation stands which sensible person would trust you to accept your offer of help?

“Possibly your offered medicine is a way to spread the virus more.”

Iran has said 21,638 people have contracted covid-19 in the country. 

12.30pm update: Sinn Fein leader hits out at Irish Government

Sinn Fein leader Mary Lou McDonald has hit out at the Irish Government for what she believes is a double standard concerning coronavirus.

Ms McDonald has said Irish Government ministers should not criticise young people for meeting up to socialise, whilst still permitting gatherings of up to 500 people in the country. 

She remarked:  “The mixed messages must stop.

“People in workplaces where there is no real prospect of social distancing are also worried that they are bringing the virus home.

“They ask why it is that – in this race against time – the Government have not yet introduced full measures to protect them and to give full effect to social distancing?

“It is time now to scale up emergency measures and restrictions. Other countries have learned, to their cost, that delay costs lives. We don’t want to learn that lesson here.”

12.10pm update: Tesco branch criticised for coronavirus response

A Tesco branch in Lewes has been criticised for letting in masses of people in the so-called ‘Golden Hour’ because of long queues outside.

The company recently announced it would be opening early for NHS staff members and the vulnerable, however, the policy was allegedly switched.

One social media user tweeted: “Tesco have been praised for opening 1 hr early on Sundays for NHS staff. But my mum (a frontline NHS worker) went to Tesco in Lewes this morning & came back shocked – huge numbers of non-NHS staff were let in before the hour was up.

“When she asked a manager why, he said there were lots of people queueing outside, so they let them in.

“Not sticking to NHS-only hours doesn’t just defeat the purpose of allocating those hours in the first place – it actively makes NHS staff & hospital patients less safe by increasing risk of infection.”

12.00pm update: Malaysia deploys army to tackle coronavirus

Malaysia has deployed the Army to ensure a two-week halt on travel.

The country has southeast Asia’s highest number of coronavirus cases – with 3,460 infections, and 86 deaths, most of them in Indonesia. 

11.45am update: Australia announces new restrictions

Australia has announced new restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced the closure of pubs, clubs, cinemas, restaurants and places of worship as a result of the outbreak in the country.

However, he has said schools will remain open for the time being. 

The Government’s plan to fight back against coronavirus (Image: EXPRESS)

11.30am update: NHS doctors plea to PM for more help with coronavirus pandemic

Nearly 4,000 NHS frontline workers have written an open letter to the Prime Minister, pleading for more help with the coronavirus pandemic.

In the letter published in the Sunday Times, the NHS workers have asked the Prime Minister to “protect the lives of the life-savers” by providing the health service with more of the equipment it desperately needs to fight back against the virus. 

They have stated many medics do not have the appropriate protective equipment necessary to treat patients, putting more lives at risk, and have asked for more masks, safety glasses, protective suits, aprons and gloves. 

The letter read: “Front-line doctors have been telling us for weeks that they do not feel safe at work.

“Intensive care doctors and anaesthetists have told us they have been carrying out the highest-risk procedure, putting a patient on a ventilator, with masks that expired in 2015.”

11.20am update: First coronavirus death in Kosovo

A 82-year old man has died in Kosovo after contracting the coronavirus – the country has 31 confirmed cases.

The news was confirmed by the Kosovo Public Health Institute.

A statement from the Institute read: “Patient already had chronic illness, cardio and pulmonary.”

11.06am update: Wales update

A further seven patients have succumbed to the coronavirus in Wales.

Dr Frank Atherton, chief medical officer for Wales, announced the increase in the death toll, saying this now brings the total of patients who have died from the virus there has now reached 12.

10.55am update: Housing Secretary says it is ‘too early’ to say how long coronavirus restrictions will be in place

Robert Jenrick has said it is too early to know how long coronavirus restrictions will need to stay in place.

Speaking to BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, he said: “The truth is we don’t know. Different countries are proceeding at different paces. We are in a different stage of this virus from some other European and international examples.

“Nobody is pretending that this will be over in 12 weeks. What the Prime Minister said is that if everyone follows the advice, we can turn the tide on this virus within that period.”

10.30am update: Britons urged to cancel Mother’s Day plans

Britons are being urged to cancel their Mother’s Day plans to visit relatives today, as part of social distancing measures, especially for the elderly. 

Boris Johnson urged people to stay away from family gatherings as health chiefs scrambled to stop the spread of the disease across the country.

8.30am update: Romania confirms first coronavirus death

The Romanian government has confirmed the first coronavirus death in the country.

The victim was a 67-year-old man who had been suffering from terminal cancer.

He was confirmed to be infected with coronavirus on March 18 and was being treated in a hospital in the southern Romanian city of Craiova.

Romania, which has recorded 367 cases of coronavirus to date, declared a state of emergency on March 16.


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