Coronavirus map LIVE: UK coronavirus outbreak NOT as bad as first thought – as pubs reopen

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The UK Government has now changed its data to remove duplicates across pillars one and two. Pillar one is whereby tests have been carried out for NHS or care staff across the four nations. Pillar two is swab testing comes from the wider community such as care homes. From July 2, the UK Government has removed duplicates across the pillars to ensure a person who tests positive is only counted once. This, therefore, removed 30,302 previous reported cases from the UK’s COVID-19 total. With this in mind, the UK’s total now stands 284,276 of lab-confirmed test results.

A statement read: “The methodology for reporting positive cases changed on 2 July 2020 to remove duplicates within and across pillars 1 and 2, to ensure that a person who tests positive is only counted once.

“Due to this change, and a revision of historical data in pillar 1, the cumulative total for positive cases is 30,302 lower than if you added the daily figure to yesterday’s total.

“Numbers of lab-confirmed positive cases throughout this website now include those identified by testing in all settings (pillars 1 and 2).”

The daily number of lab-confirmed cases was registered at 544 on Friday.

Deaths from COVID-19 is now 44,131.

As of 9am on July 3, there have been 205,673 tests sent or carried out, taking the total to 10,120,276.

This comes as pubs re-open across England for the first time since March as Boris Johnson pushes forward with the final step of the lockdown exit strategy.


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Coronavirus Live: UK’s total reduced by 30,000 (Image: GETTY)

9.32am update: Restrictions from July 4

As per Government guidance, you should not: “Gather indoors in groups of more than two households (your support bubble counts as one household) – this includes when dining out or going to the pub

“Gather outdoors in a group of more than six people from different households; gatherings larger than 6 should only take place if everyone is from just two households

“Interact socially with anyone outside the group you are attending a place with, even if you see other people you know, for example, in a restaurant, community centre or place of worship

“Hold or attend celebrations such as parties where it is difficult to maintain social distancing

“Stay overnight away from your home with members of more than one other household your support bubble counts as one household.”

9.13am update: What businesses remain closed? 

A raft of new shops are opening today, but some areas will still remain closed for the foreseeable future.

In England, this applies to: “Nightclubs, casinos, bowling alleys and indoor skating rinks, indoor play areas including soft-play, spas, nail bars, beauty salons and tanning salons, massage, tattoo and piercing parlours, indoor fitness and dance studios, and indoor gyms and sports venues/facilities, swimming pools and water parks, exhibition or conference centres – where they are to be used for exhibitions or conferences, other than for those who work for that venue.”

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Coronavirus Map Live: UK figures as of June 3 (Image: Express)

8.40am update: Victoria records 100 new cases

Australia’s second-most-populous has recorded 100 new cases of COVID-19 today.

The 108 reported is an increase from the 66 on Friday.

The state Premier, Daniel Andrews said: “These numbers are a very real concern to all of us.”

8.25am update: UK’s air bridge list “absurd” 

Portugal’s foreign affairs minister, Augusto Santos Silva, has criticised England’s air bridge list after the country was not included.

The list was published on Friday and includes Greece, Spain and France.

The Prime Minister has stated 14-day quarantines would remain for countries where the virus is not under control.

Other countries not on the list include the US, China and Sweden.

Mr Santos Silva told the Today programme: “We are very disappointed with the decision of the British authorities. We think it is senseless and unfair.

“It is quite absurd the UK has seven times more cases of Covid-19 than Portugal so we think this is not the way in which allies and friends are treated.”

Countdown blunder: Rachel Riley's huge mistake after replacing Carol Vorderman exposed

Coronavirus Live: US cases continue to rise (Image: PA)

7.42am update: 57,562 cases reported in the US 

The US has recorded a further 57,562 over the past 24 hours according to the latest data.

This is the third consecutive day of more than 50,000 new cases.

Florida, California, Texas, Arizona and Georgia have all reported large single-day increases.

7.38am update: More than 100 cases reported in Tokyo 

Japan’s capital has confirmed a further 130 new cases on Saturday marking the third day with more than 100.

On Thursday there had been 107, while Friday reported 124 although the nation’s infection rate remains below many other countries.

7.18am update: UK’s cases total less than first thought 

The UK Government has changed the way it has recorded cases as of July 2.

In an announcement, the Government has removed duplicates from pillar one and two.

Pillar one is testing from NHS laboratories across the four nations while pillar two is testing which comes from the community.

Due to this change in how cases are counted, the total numbers has been reduced by 30,302 – the total now stands at 284,276.

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