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Coronavirus: Martin Lewis reveals best travel insurance for coronavirus cover

Travel insurance is vital at this time. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain today to share his travel advice on travel insurance.

“Most travel insurance policies will cover you if the FCO has told you not to travel to a country,” he said.

Martin added: “The sooner you’re travelling, it’s easy to look at the level of contamination in the country and what their health care is.”

Travel insurance comparison site InsureMyTrip revealed benefits included in comprehensive coverage may apply in the following unforeseen scenarios:

Emergency Medical Coverage: a sick traveller must see a doctor and/or go to the hospital during a trip.

Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage: in rare cases, a sick traveller requires an emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate hospital or back home for recuperation.

Trip Interruption: an extremely sick traveller cannot continue with a trip and must return home.

Cancel for Any Reason: Currently, if you are looking for trip cancellation coverage because you are concerned about the coronavirus, you will now need to purchase a plan that includes Cancel For Any Reason since the travel warnings are now foreseen.

This benefit is time-sensitive and has other eligibility requirements, so not all travellers will qualify. Some plans may exclude epidemics/pandemics and may not provide coverage for related issues. Please be sure to read the plan details carefully before purchasing.

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If you purchased a policy before January 21 and need to make a claim or have questions about how your existing policy will cover you, you should reach out to your insurance provider.

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