Home Health Coronavirus outbreak: Everything we DON’T know about deadly virus

Coronavirus outbreak: Everything we DON’T know about deadly virus

What don’t we know about the coronavirus?

The infection which bred in China last year is known as a “novel” coronavirus, meaning it is a totally new virus from one specific family.

Infections initially blindsided officials in China, which allowed it to spread to other countries under the radar.

Researchers have named the virus 2019-nCoV, but despite its months-long world tour, they know very little about it.

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Face masks

The most enduring image of the latest, and any, virus outbreak is of people wearing protective face masks.

Only some of these are effective, as surgical masks used by doctors provide limited protection from small particulates.

The masks are only useful for those who are already sick, as they prevent the virus from spreading further via coughs and sneezes.

People who want to use the masks to remain infection-free should use filtered n95 masks, according to experts.

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