Home World Coronavirus panic: Expert issues harrowing verdict on China's downfall amid outbreak

Coronavirus panic: Expert issues harrowing verdict on China's downfall amid outbreak

Simon Worrell, Global Medical Director at Collinson, a global leader in the provision of medical, security and travel risk management services, has warned that businesses must put protocols in place as so businesses are not affected. He said: “While the first priority must continue to be the protection of people, Chinese businesses are also starting to feel the impact of the spreading Coronavirus.

“The impact on businesses globally will only worsen as the Coronavirus spreads further into Beijing and around the world, with supply chains and offices at risk.

“Businesses must be thinking about business continuity plans and ensure that they have Infectious Disease Protocols in place.

“These plans should account for when someone presents ill, where they go and who looks after the process, as well as logistical matters, like cleaning and closing canteens.

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“Businesses can be fundamentally affected by infectious diseases such as this, altering organisational function, culture, and decimating both upstream and downstream processes, which is why preparation is key.”

It comes as a medical expert has warned the spread of the virus could result in around ‘hundreds of thousands’ of infection in just two weeks.

Currently confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus from China has doubled, with over 4,500 people coming ill with the virus as of Tuesday morning.

And the number of fatalities has reached at least 106.

There is now serious concerns a global epidemic could be underway, as authorities look to keep the infection under control.

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It should also be underlined that the exact number of infections is unknown.

“Until January 25, more than 1,700 infections were officially recorded.

“However, the actual number is certainly much higher because patients with milder conditions, when the infection resembles a simple cold, do not report to doctors.

“Therefore, the scale of underestimation is certainly huge.

“It may be that in two to three weeks we will be talking about several hundreds of thousands of infections.

“It’s a new virus, so nobody is immune to it and it can spread without restrictions.”

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Monday that the risk of infection is high.

The firm confirmed infections in 12 countries, totalling 2,798 people.

These countries included Canada, Australia, Nepal, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, France and Thailand.

Now a confirmed case has happened in Germany.


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