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Coronavirus POLL: Should Boris have enforced quarantine for travellers to UK sooner? VOTE

Express.co.uk readers can vote in our poll on whether Mr Johnson should have ordered quarantine for travellers into Britain sooner. The Prime Minister will reportedly make the announcement in his address to the nation tomorrow.

The measures, reported by The Times, are expected to be implemented within weeks.

All passengers arriving at airports and ports will be required to give an address where they will self-isolate for 14 days.

Spot checks will be conducted and punishments for those breaking the rules include fines of up to £1,000 and deportation.

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Travellers from Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man will reportedly be exempt from the quarantine.

Should the Prime Minister have ordered quarantine for travellers into Britain sooner? (Image: GETTY/NUMBER 10)

Mr Johnson will announce the mandatory quarantine as part of measures aimed at avoiding a second peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Airlines UK said it had been told by the Government that the plan will be in place by the end of the month or early June.

A spokesman for Airlines UK said: “We need to see the detail of what they are proposing.

“We will be asking for assurances that this decision has been led by the science and that Government has a credible exit plan, with weekly reviews to ensure the restrictions are working and still required.”

However, Airport Operators Association (AOA) chief executive Karen Dee said she has not received any details yet about the quarantine measures.

And she warned of the impact it would have on the aviation industry.

Ms Dee said: “Quarantine would not only have a devastating impact on the UK aviation industry, but also on the wider economy.

“If the Government believe quarantine is medically necessary, then it should be applied on a selective basis following the science, there should be a clear exit strategy and the economic impact on key sectors should be mitigated.

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“The Government should commit to a weekly review of the quarantine measures and publish the evidence that informs the review’s outcome.

“If quarantine is a necessary tool for fighting COVID-19, then the Government should act decisively to protect the hundreds of thousands of airport-related and travel-related jobs across the UK.

“These measures should include granting immediate business rates relief to airports and related service providers as well as relief from Civil Aviation Authority charges for the whole aviation sector.”

Shadow Transport Secretary Jim McMahon said: “The Government needs to work closely with airlines, airport operators and Border Force to implement practical solutions to stop the spread of this virus.

“Ill-thought through proposals will fail as soon as they are rolled out, leaving the country back in a precarious situation.

“This sort of policy should have been worked through weeks ago.

“It’s systematic of a Government that was too slow to enter the lockdown, too slow to get vital protective equipment to NHS, social care and other key workers, and too slow on testing and tracing to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“It will take a long time to recover from the impact of the virus. The Government must come up with a comprehensive financial support package for the aviation sector and its supply chain which supports almost a quarter of a million jobs.”

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “We do not comment on leaks. The focus remains on staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.”

There have been 211,364 confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK and 31,241 have died, according to the Government’s latest figures.


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