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Coronavirus POLL: Would you support another four-week lockdown? VOTE HERE

Top officials will review the UK’s social distancing measures this week, as Britons face their fourth week in lockdown. Ministers are required by law to review whether the rules are working every 21 days. So far Government ministers have said they will not lift the lockdown until they are certain the UK is past the peak of the coronavirus outbreak – which isn’t expected for another two weeks at least.

Scientific advisers will meet on Tuesday to discuss the effectiveness of the current social distancing measures, ahead of the formal review on Thursday.

As a result, Express.co.uk is asking its readers if you support another four-week lockdown?

During the daily coronavirus press briefings ministers have insisted the lockdown rules would only be eased when the science suggests it is safe to do so.

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Dominic Raab, who is currently deputising for the Prime Minister, has said the lockdown measures will need to stay in place until the UK has moved beyond the peak of the virus.


Coronavirus UK: Do you support an extension to the lockdown? (Image: Getty)

Coronavirus UK: Dominic Raab said the lockdown will not be lifted until the peak has been reached (Image: PA)

Ahead of the Easter weekend, he said: “While the early signs suggest that they are having the impact we need to see, it’s too early to say that conclusively.

“The measures will have to stay in place until we’ve got the evidence that clearly shows we’ve moved beyond the peak.

“We don’t expect to be able to say more on this until the end of next week.

“After all the efforts everybody has made, after all the sacrifices so many people have made let’s not ruin it now.

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“Let’s not undo the gains we’ve made, let’s not waste the sacrifices so many people have made.”

The peak of the virus is not expected to be reached until the end of the month at the earliest.

Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s Chief Science Adviser, said he expects the number of coronavirus deaths to rise for another fortnight.

Sir Patrick, responding to a question about death projections, said: “In general I’d expect the deaths to continue to keep going up for about two weeks after the intensive care picture improves and so we’re not there yet in terms of knowing exactly when that will be, but that’s the sort of time frame I’d expect.”

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Coronavirus UK: The police are enforcing the lockdown restrictions (Image: Daily Mirror)

Coronavirus UK: Social distancing measures could be extended for another month (Image: Getty)

But Chief Medical Official Professor Chris Whitty has given some hope that the rise of infections is beginning to slow due to the social distancing measures.

He said: “At the time when I was first talking about this the doubling time – how fast we were doubling in terms of numbers, particularly in intensive care – was about three days, it varied a bit.

“This has got steadily longer in time over the last two weeks thanks to what people have done.”

Professor Whitty said the curve is “not quite flat”, but added: “The doubling time is now six or more days almost everywhere in the country and extending in time.”

Coronavirus UK: The death toll surpassed 10,000 on Sunday (Image: Express)

The medical expert said the reduction in hospital admissions shows social distancing measures are working.

He said: “The message is clear which is the social distancing we’re doing is breaking transmission, it’s stopping the hospital admissions, beginning to see that flattening off, still unbelievably busy but beginning to see that flatten off, it’s preventing more people going into intensive care and it will prevent deaths.”

On Sunday the UK’s coronavirus death toll surpassed 10,000.

At least 84,279 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK, with the latest figures due to be released this afternoon.


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