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Coronavirus risk: The 37 activities which could put YOU at risk of COVID-19

Certain behaviours and tasks are thought to lend themselves better to spreading the virus than others, and Doctos at the Texas Medican Association have ranked and listed various daily activities and how much of a risk they can be.

Ranked from low risk through to moderate and high risk, the helpful list gives scientific insight into which regular activities are worth doing and which ones you should protect yourself against.

Even if you have already experienced symptoms of the virus or have tested positive, you can still carry the virus and pass it on according to scientists and doctors.

They explained: “Ranked by physicians from the TMA COVID-19 Task Force and the TMA Committee on Infectious Diseases.

“Please assume that participants in these activities are following currently recommended safety protocols when possible.”

Note the recommended safety protocols in this study is based on US guidelines, and differ from the UK’s.

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