Coronavirus shielding list: Who is classified as ‘extremely vulnerable’? Full list

Who is as “extremely ”?

The Government drew up a of extremely vulnerable people early on during the pandemic.

Anyone part of the category was sent a letter by their GP telling them so and advising them to stay indoors at all available opportunities.

Those told they are vulnerable should follow the guidance in the letter they received.

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People should also ensure they register online whether or not they need further assistance at the moment.

If for some reason people have not received a letter but still believe they may be vulnerable, the Government has provided a list.

The list is split it into six categories, and mostly includes those with a weaker immune system.

People with respiratory problems are also at a particular risk given COVID-19’s targeting of the lungs.

The Government has “strongly advised” people who are to “stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact where possible.

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They need to ensure they do not leave their homes, attend public gatherings, or interact with anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19.

Current advice will remain in place until at least June 30, but the Government said this is subject to review.

Those who can’t leave need to rely on friends, family or neighbours to help them with their daily duties.

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