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Coronavirus symptoms: Signs in the nose of a COVID-19 infection you need to watch out for

Coronavirus is known to mainly cause an infection in the respiratory system; however, many reports also suggest the nose, sinuses and upper throat could also be affected. These worrying symptoms could lead to either pneumonia or bronchitis. What are the main symptoms of the virus found in the nose?

Katrina Herren, Chief Clinical Officer at Doctorlink said: “A runny nose is another symptom reported in COVID-19 patients.

“A runny nose occurs in around five percent of people with COVID-19.

“There is no true way to tell the difference without a laboratory test to look for the viruses that cause COVID-19 and the common cold.

“However, if you don’t have a fever or a continuous cough its more likely to be a common cold rather than COVID-19.”

In a study published in Science Direct, nose cells as possible COVID-19 virus entry points were investigated.

The study noted: “Two specific nose cell types have been identified as likely initial infection points for COVID-19.

“Scientists discovered that goblet and ciliated cells in the nose have high levels of the entry proteins that the COVID-19 virus uses to get into our cells, which could help explain the high rate of transmission.”

The study aimed at determining which cells were involved in the deadly virus’s transmission and included the lung, nasal cavity, eye, gut, heart, kidney, and liver cells.

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It was discovered that the receptor protein – ACE2 that can activate SARS-CoV-2 entry were expressed in cells in different organs, including the cells on the inner lining of the nose.

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