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Coronavirus symptoms update: Major health condition could increase your COVID-19 risk

Coronavirus has led to worldwide research efforts to identify people at greater risk of developing critical illness and death. There is one health condition which significantly raises a person’s risk of death from COVID-19. What is it and how to overcome it?

In another study published in AHA Journals it was said: “Obese individuals may exhibit greater viral shedding, suggesting potential for great viral exposure, especially if several family members are overweight.

“This may be aggravated in overcrowded multigenerational households, which are more common in the socioeconomically deprived communities in which obesity is prevalent.

“All these observations point toward a potential for obesity to give rise to a more adverse virus versus host immune response relationship in COVID-19.

“Poorer nutritional status and hyperglycaemia may further aggravate the situation in some obese individuals.” 

Dr Aseem Malhotra spoke on Good Morning Britain and said: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention a few weeks ago did an analysis and they put out the message that there is likely a tenfold increased risk of mortality death rates from people who have conditions associated with obesity.

“This basically includes type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease and this is really a real problem because it’s not being addressed, and it’s not being tackled head on.

“The reasons for this are two-fold the one being an excess of body fat which seems to have an adverse effect on viral illnesses.

“We know that already with the flu you’re more likely to get severe illness if you are overweight but with COVID-19 it seems to also drive an excessive immune response called the ARDS or the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome that unfortunately causes many people to die.

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